Bavarian Prime Minister Announces Bavaria-Wide Closure of Schools, Kindergartens and Day Care Centers

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As announced in a press conference on Friday, Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder has confirmed a Bavaria-wide closure of schools, kindergartens and day care centers in effect until the end of Easter holidays, April 20.

This closure will impact over 6000 schools and almost 10,000 daycare centers in the state.

This large-scale closure follows an official ban on events involving over 500 attendees, which led to the cancellation of multiple important events in Munich over the coming weeks. Click here for a full list.

Similar closures have been enacted in other European countries, including France, Ireland, and Italy to slow the spread of COVID-19.

According to, the following was also stated during the press conference:

  • Michael Piazolo, Minister of Culture, stated that childcare and emergency childcare groups would be arranged for parents who work in “system-critical professions” like hospital staff, police, rescue workers, etc.
  • Piazolo also stated that while all classes and exams would be cancelled during this period, students should still be working through teaching materials at home leading up to the Easter holiday (source)
  • Labor Minister Carolina Trautner urged employers to be flexible with working hours during this time, offering home office and leave options whenever possible
  • There are no current plans to postpone final exams for the year (source)

For more information, visit the official announcement/list.


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