Incredibly Important Resources For Oktoberfest Safety Everyone Should Know of!

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As malt-jestic as Oktoberfest can be, it’s important to know what to do if trouble turns. Luckily it is filled with lots of great support and we’ve got all the Oktoberfest safety tips outlined for you here!

Whether you lost your way, need a bit of a break from the excitement, a place to charge your phone or even need to get some help with a ride home, there are many wonderful resources available.

It’s just a matter of knowing them, so have a read on below and prepare for the beer-st season of the year in Munich!

Oktoberfest Safety: Sichere Wiesn Safe Space

Incredibly Important Resources For Oktoberfest Safety Everyone Should Know of!

What Is The Sichere Wiesn?

Sichere Wiesn (Wiesn as in Oktoberfest) translates as Safe Wiesn.

As Oktoberfest is a world-known event, a great number of people come from all over to attend. It is inevitable that circumstances will arise when so many people gather together (with so many liters of beer) that immediate assistance will be necessary.

Therefore, in 2003, the Sichere Wiesn initiative was put in place to support event attendees-especially focusing on the women and girls

The Sichere Wiesn Safe Space in the Service Centre, which is located around the corner from the Bavaria statue and behind the Schottenhamel tent beside the “Erste Hilfe” (“first aid”) entrance where the police are also stationed.

Incredibly Important Resources For Oktoberfest Safety Everyone Should Know of!
Photo from Sichere Wiesn

Who Is Sichere Wiesn For?

The Sichere Wiesn program is designed specifically to meet the needs of women and girls who attend Oktoberfest. In the event of harassment, this initiative is there to support and assists female (identifying and or queer) visitors.

How Can Sichere Wiesn Help?

There is a tent at the safe Wiesn where women, girls, and women with children can go if they are harassed, feel threatened, lost, fatigued, or sick.

A phone charging station is also available, and they will be glad to assist you in locating a safe journey home and provide support to all sexual harassment victims.

Oktoberfest Safety: Frauen Nacht Taxis / Women’s Night Cab

Incredibly Important Resources For Oktoberfest Safety Everyone Should Know of!
Photo from Baschpictures

What Are The Frauen Nacht Taxis Vouchers / Women’s Night Cab Vouchers?

In partnership with the local government, The Frauen Nacht Taxis Vouchers or in English “Women’s Night Cab Vouchers” are subsidized safe rides home for women (including trans, divers or non-binary identifying) the city.

The Sichere Wiesn Safe Space distributes these 5 Euro vouchers for those who want to return home from Oktoberfest feeling safe or are in need of transportation support.

Who Are The Frauen Nacht Taxis Vouchers For?

This service is meant to ensure a safe return home for all girls and women over the age of 16 (including transgender, divers, and non-binary). The vouchers can only be redeemed only by those travelling alone or in groups of other women.

Where Can The Frauen Nacht Taxis Vouchers Be Picked Up?

Women’s Night Cab Vouchers are available at the Sichere Wiesn (Safe Space). The coupons are valid everyday from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., with only one voucher permitted each ride.

Oktoberfest Safety: Important Locations, Services And Contact Numbers

Oktoberfest Safety Important Numbers
Photo from Baschpictures

First Aid Station (Erste Hilfe)

There are multiple locations around the festival grounds, make sure to keep these in mind:

  • Next to the Bavaria statue.
  • Near the Theresienwiese Ubahn
  • In the Oide Wiesn
  • Near Esperantoplatz

Contact number: +49 (0) 89 222089

Emergency Contacts / Services

The Police (on site services)

  • Phone number: +49 (0) 89 5003220

Support For Lost Children

  • Phone number: +49 (0) 89 23382821

Lost And Found (Fundbรผro)

  • Phone number: +49 (0) 89 23396045

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