A New Lufthansa And Munich Sbahn Strike Is Coming Tomorrow!

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Time to plan ahead commuters, there will be a Lufthansa and Munich Sbahn Strike coming tomorrow! Read up below on the details…and stay prepared for more to come.

The GDL (Gewerkschaft Deutscher Lokomotivführer) have announced they will launch a 24 hour Deutsche Bahn strike starting Tuesday March 12th and a Lufthansa strike is in the works to follow for Munich on March 13th.

ANOTHER Munich Sbahn Strike Is Happening? Why So Soon?

It feels like just yesterday…well, technically about 4 days ago…and officially the sixth strike since November. Although it seemed that negotiations were in the works, its been said that due to Deutsche Bahn’s inability to take things as seriously as GDL would have hoped, stronger measures are being taken.

Resulting in the union calling another strike, no longer adhering to the agreed upon rule of announcing a strike 48 hours in advance and getting prepared to do this as frequently as needed until then.

When Is The Munich Sbahn Strike Happening? Which Trains ARE Affected?

Munich Sbahn Strike
Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

The GDL workers manning the Deutsche Bahn trains are set to strike across Bavaria and Germany on Tuesday March 12, 2024. The strike will begin at 2 .am. and is said to go until a a.m Wednesday March 13th, 2024.

The strike will only affect regional, and suburban trains…mostly creating an inconvenience for those planning on travelling with the Sbahn.

So make sure to check out the ubahn, tram or bus options to plan your commutes for the upcoming days!

Which Trains Are NOT Affected By The Munich Sbahn Strike?

Munich Sbahn Strike
Photo by Rohan LÜMIA on Unsplash

Public transport connections, such as the subway, bus, and tram are not affected by the strike call.

Additionally, the Munich Sbahn has set in place a limited strike schedule for the following lines:

  • S1 runs between Ostbahnhof and Freising every 60 minutes and does not go to the airport
  • S2 runs between Markt Schwaben and Dachau every 20 to 40 minutes, and on the other sections every hour
  • S3, S4, S6 and S7 run every hour
  • S8 runs between Pasing and the airport every 20 minutes, between Pasing and Germering every 20 to 40 minutes and between Germering and Herrsching every 60 minutes
  • S20 is no longer available 

Another Lufthansa Strike Coming Right After The Munich Sbahn Strike

Right after the Deutsche Bahn staff get to their strike, Germany’s Independent Cabin Crew Organisation (UFO) union will follow suit with a strike of their own on March 12, 2024 in Frankfurt and March 13, 2024 in Munich from 4am to 11pm each day.

Following the Lufthansa ground crew’s strike last week, the Lufthansa cabin crew will take their turn this week in order to have the union’s demands met; for cabin crew employees to receive a 15 percent pay rise for the next 18 months and an inflation compensation payment of 3.000 euros for some members.

Will Tickets From This Munich Sbahn Strike Period Be Refunded?

When it comes to the trains in Germany, here are some helpful general tips about ticket refunds (which are especially great to know in situations like these!)

You can apply for compensation for your tickets if there are delays or cancelations:

  • 60 minute delay: 25% ticket price refund
  • 120 minute delay: 50% ticket price refund
  • Trip cancelled: Full ticket price refund

In order to get your ticket refund you simply need to go fill out refund forms from Deutsche Bahn at ticket centre or online through the DB Navigator app

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