Munich Restrictions from Sept 24 – Oct 1: New Mask Requirements, Weekend Alcohol Bans & More

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In response to rising cases of COVID-19 in Munich over the past week, the City of Munich has announced several new measures that will come into effect today regarding restrictions on public life.

From new mask requirements to significantly reduced participant caps on private events, here are the main changes that you need to be aware of that will be in effect from September 24 – October 1 (inclusive).

1. Masks are now mandatory in parts of the Munich city center

In addition to existing mask requirements on public transport, shops, and public areas of restaurants/bars, there will be a general mask requirement in the Munich Old Town pedestrian zone.

According to, this zone includes:

  • Schützenstraße
  • Stachus
  • Marienplatz
  • Sendlinger Straße
  • Sendlinger-Tor-Platz
  • Viktualienmarkt
  • im Tal

The fine for violating the mask requirement is currently set at 250 euros.

2. Contact restrictions in public and private spaces are getting stricter

While for the past few months, groups of up to ten have been able to gather in both public and private spaces, this maximum limit will be cut in half from September 24 – October 1 (inclusive).

According to, assembling in private/public spaces and at common tables in restaurants is only permitted with:

  • Members of one’s own household
  • Spouses
  • Civil partners
  • Partners in a nichtehelichen Lebensgemeinschaft
  • Verwandten in gerader Linie (direct descendants)
  • Siblings
  • Members of another household in groups of up to 5 people

3. Private celebrations and gatherings have a much stricter participant cap

From September 24 – October 1 (inclusive), private celebrations such as weddings, funerals, birthdays, school graduation parties, club and party meetings will be subject to the following participant caps:

  • In closed rooms: maximum 25 participants (previously 100)
  • Outdoors: maximum 50 participants (previously 200)

NOTE: These restrictions apply only to gatherings of a private nature and do not apply to cultural events and conferences, congresses and trade fairs.

4. [Weekend only] Partial bans on the sale of alcohol and consumption of alcohol in public spaces

As has been in place in previous weeks, there will be the following alcohol-related bans in place from Friday evening to Sunday morning:

  • Außer-Haus-Verkauf of alcohol is banned from 9pm onwards
  • Consuming alcohol in public spaces is banned from 11pm to 6am in Baldeplatz, Gärtnerplatz, Gerner Brücke, Wedekindplatz as well as along the Isar between Reichenbachbrücke and Wittelsbacherbrücke

NOTE: The fine for the illegal consumption of alcohol is said to be at least 150 euros, while sellers violating the sales ban will be fined at least 500 euros. Click here to learn more.

More Information About Munich Restriction Updates

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