A Supernova Of Flavor in Maxvorstadt: Our SUPERNOVA Munich Review

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Happy Foodie Friday my fellow hungry Mรผnchners!

The weather has started to change and it’s getting colder as the days go by. This means that you’ll likely be looking for some cozy restaurants to start packing on that extra winter insulation…

Well, this week I have a short review for SUPERNOVA Bar & Trattoria, a cute restaurant located in Maxvorstadt.

I remember seeing this place pop up on Instagram not too long ago and I really wanted to try it. Not just because the food looked so good, but the aesthetic of it all was just too cute to pass up. IG images galore!

Safety measures note: SUPERNOVA has indoor and outdoor seating available, and for safety reasons has dividers between each of the tables as well.

What We Ate at SUPERNOVA

I went with a girlfriend of mine for a nice brunch date and I would say this place is perfect for just that.

We enjoyed delicious food and some pretty amazing cocktails.

As a starter, we shared the Purple Rain Burratina which is red beet carpaccio surrounding a ball of burrata cheese, with pistachio pesto and pistachio crumbles.

This dish was so good!

It was light and airy and just everything you could want in a starter.

It was sweet from the red beets and the burrata cheese but still tangy and salty from the pistachios.

It was also one of the prettiest starter dishes I’ve ever encountered.

I think beets are very underrated. There’s so much you can do with them and they don’t have to be overpowering in taste, which is what I liked most about this dish.

The balance from the cheese took these beets to a new level.

A Supernova Of Flavor in Maxvorstadt: Our SUPERNOVA Munich Review
Purple Rain Burratina – Supernova Munich

For our main dishes we went in two different ways. I had a breakfast item and my friend got a Pinsa Romana.

They have a few different menus that they offer and it can be overwhelming going through all the different pages but the good thing is that their menus are short and sweet. I think you could definitely get away with trying everything on the menu after a few visits!

I tried the San Benedetto Eggs, two poached eggs over toast with hollandaise sauce and rocket salad. There are also a few add ons you can get with this such as smoked salmon, spinach, or prosciutto.

I just had the plain dish and even just by itself, it was amazing.

It’s not a big dish and even though I was sad when I finished it, I can say I was still at least satisfied. I love a good poached egg and I would say that they cook it here perfectly. The ooziness from the yolk was so thick and creamy, I’m still dreaming about it even after a week.

A Supernova Of Flavor in Maxvorstadt: Our SUPERNOVA Munich Review
San Benedetto Eggs – Supernova Munich

The Pinsa Romana was also really nice.

Again a nice light dish but with lots to give. It had cheese, rocket salad and salami.

I’m not too sure what the difference is between Pinsa and normal crust. They say it’s the different flour that is used but honestly, I couldn’t really tell the difference.

Don’t get me wrong – the pizza we had was really tasty, but I just don’t know the difference. Share what you think the difference is by messaging me on Instagram, I love to hear your thoughts or recommendations to try!

What I loved most about this dish were the different textures. The crunch from the crust, the gooeyness from the cheese and the crispness of the rocket salad really tied this pizza together.

It’s also fairly sized – it’s not like other places where you get a huge personal pizza and then feel slightly guilty for eating the whole thing alone. It’s definitely enough for just one.

A Supernova Of Flavor in Maxvorstadt: Our SUPERNOVA Munich Review
Pinsa Romana – Supernova Munich


I really commend the creativity of the cocktail menu at SUPERNOVA.

I’m very used to going to a restaurant and seeing only classic cocktails like the Aperol Spritz or the Pimms Cup, but at this place, I really appreciated the effort they put into the cocktail menu, with nods to some Italian classics like Limoncello or even olives.

We sipped on two refreshing drinks: the Olive Garden Sprizz and the Barbarella Sprizz.

The Olive Garden Sprizz was really different for me. It was like a combination of a martini and a gin and tonic, with the subtle taste of olive bitters and rosemary. If you don’t like sweet or overly dry cocktails, I would say this one is right in the middle for you.

The Barbarella Sprizz was more on the sweet side however still a bit tangy. This cocktail contains Berto Aperitivo and Prosecco, with a candied grapefruit as a garnish.

I think this one can be a hit or miss if you don’t like grapefruit. For some, the taste can be a bit overwhelming but I think they did a great job mixing the drink.

Plus look at how pretty it is:

A Supernova Of Flavor in Maxvorstadt: Our SUPERNOVA Munich Review
Olive Garden Sprizz (front) and the Barbarella Sprizz – Supernova Munich

Lasting Impressions

Overall I think SUPERNOVA is really cute. I would definitely go here again and try more items.

I would say it’s a little on the pricy side depending on what menu you order from, but I think the quality of their dishes is totally worth it.

I like that they have corona friendly seating as well, and I definitely felt my health was a bit more protected sitting at one of these “enclosed” tables which I think is an important element when deciding where to eat.

My advice is to make a reservation, it’s always safe to know you have a spot waiting for you especially because this place can get busy.

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