Munich Events This Weekend: September 23-September 25, 2022

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Hello beautiful bored people of Munich! September has swiftly swooped our lovely German city up with not only the magnificent return of Oktoberfest, but a whole hoard of other great events

Art, Music, food, and more are in store for you this cool crisp weekend. Whether you want to fine a great exhibit to go to, have some fun for the whole family, or even make the most of the Oktoberfest, we’ve got a great selection for you below!

Free Events, Activities and Everything Oktoberfest This Weekend in Munich

This weekend is jam packed full of great free events, activity for all ages. Have a look below to find your weekend plans in Munich.

Ander Art Festival

Come join Munich’s most colorful festival this Saturday!

Not only is this free festival colorful, but it is also hosted in the perfect central (and accessible) location of Odeonsplatz in the heart of Munich. Starting at noon the Ander Art Festival will begin its diverse program of live musical acts, art exhibits, and interactive booths.

Stop by to connect with your local artist community, engage in some creative activities, support the zero waste initiative in Munich or even be in a music video singing to Rhianna in the city’s largest choir! For the full rundown of the festival, you can find the entire program on their website here .

When: September 24, 2022 // 12pm-10pm

Where: Odeonsplatz

Cost: Free Admission

Neighbourhood Wide Flea Markets

Munich Events This Weekend: September 23-September 25, 2022

Ready to find some new treasures or trinkets in your neighbourhood? Then make sure to take a stroll around this Saturday as Munich’s city wide flea market makes its way to the neighbourhoods of Obergiesing and Au.

Just follow the handy map above to explore your area and perhaps have a little rummage through your neighbour’s goodies. Of course (as we are still in Germany) cash is important to have, but it is neat to know that this year many people are set up to accept payments also through Paypal!

When: September 24,2022 // 10am-4pm

Where: Obergiesing and Au

Cost: Free Admission

P.s those of you keen on thrifting but busy on Saturday, there will also be a neighbourhood flea market the following day in Pasing to peruse!

Munich Events This Weekend: September 23-September 25, 2022

When: September 25,2022 // 10am-4pm

Where: Pasing

Cost: Free Admission

JUKI Festival for Children and Teens

GGiant Jenga, bouncy castles, and dinosaurs, oh my! All of this and even MORE is in store for the whole family this Sunday at Werksviertel Mitte.

Starting at 11 am on Sunday, Werksviertel will host the 2022 Juki festival. This free festival will have over 100 different organizations offering a multitude of games, art projects, and sports activities for Munich’s children and teens.

With With the multiple giveaways and raffles, this is a no-brainer for any families looking for a day of fun!

When: September 25,2022 // 11am-5pm

Where: Werksviertel-Mitte

Cost: Free Admission

Oktoberfest Annual Outdoor Brass Band Concert

What goes best with a nice big beer and September festival cheer? Why traditional Bavarian brass music of course!

This annual Oktoberfest event is a special occasion where all of the brass bands from each of the tents come together under the Statue of Bavaria for one big amazing alpenhorn-filled concert to kick off the day.

Interestingly enough, this concert is usually conducted by the mayor or local celebrities, but whether you know who any of them are or not, we’d recommend you come and see. It’s a terrific tradition that shouldn’t be missed!

When: September 25,2022 // Starts at 11am

Where: Under the Statue of Bavaria // Theresienwiese

Cost: Free Admission

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Sea Shanty Breakfast At Alte Utting

Ahoi Munich! Ready to set this sail this Sunday with a musical brunch aboard your favourite city ship?

We sure are! and luckily this weekend Alte Utting takes a turn from its regular Sunday Jazz Brunches to head a bit back to its roots with a morning full of shanties from Die Seelords.

Yes, Munich actually has an official sea shanty choir (since 1987!). Pair that crazy cool cultural moment with some of Alte Utting’s super tasty street food options and you’ve got yourself a proper Sunday Funday ahead!

When: September 25,2022 // 11:30am

Where: Alte Utting // Laugerhausstr.15

Cost: Free Admission

Looking For Other Deals or Cool Things to Do in Munich?

We always make sure to keep our event calendar up to date with the latest and greatest upcoming activities. Check it out here if you are interested in more than the few above mentioned events!

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