Munich Events This Weekend: June 28-30, 2019

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Munich is set to sizzle this weekend thanks to the killer heat wave sweeping through Europe… but if you’re not afraid to leave the house, there are plenty of cool events to keep you busy this weekend!

Here are some fun ones to check out:

Tollwood Sommerfestival

Munich’s favourite summertime tradition is back at Olympiapark! Watch live music, indulge in organic eats from around the world and take advantage of the packed program, all of course, with a socially conscious twist. Click here for more info.

When: June 26 – July 21, 2019

Where: Olympiapark Süd

Entrance: FREE! But certain shows/concerts are at an additional cost

Munich Mash

Another annual Munich tradition is happening this weekend as well – the long-anticipated Munich Mash, here to satisfy your quench for adventure. Sports, music, food trucks and a chance to watch pro skateboarders, BMXers and wakeboarders do their thing. Best of all? Admission is free. Click here for more info.

When: June 28 – 30, 2019

Where: Olympiapark

Entrance: FREE!

Summer Solstice Bonfires

I hear you: are bonfires REALLY the best idea during a scorching heat wave? Well, the city of Munich apparently thinks so! Click here for a current list of bonfires happening this weekend (subject to change due to weather and other factors).

When: June 28 – 30, 2019

Where: All around the Munich region (click here for an updated list)

Hofflohmärkte in Nymphenburg, Lehel, Glockenbachviertel and Planegg

Hoping to nab some new treasures for a bargain? The summer Hofflohmärkte are back, with different communities hosting pop-up yard sales rain or shine. This weekend, there will be ones in Nymphenburg, Lehel, Glockenbachviertel and Planegg. Click here for more info.

When: Friday, June 28, at 5pm (Nymphenburg)

Saturday, June 29, at 10am (Glockenbachviertel and Lehel)

Sunday, June 30, at 11am (Planegg)

Where: All around the neighbourhoods mentioned above

Glockenbachfest 2019

It’s officially street party season in Munich and we’re getting started with one of the best: the Glockenbachfest! With live music, food stalls, drag queens and a giant party happening all around the Glockenbachviertel, you definitely don’t want to miss this one. Click here for more info.

When: Saturday, June 29, 2019 from 11am onwards

Where: All around the Glockenbachviertel


Celebrate the great Munich Purity Law of 1487 with FREE BEER and a fun program of traditional festivities, including a ceremony in which 36 young brewers are honoured by the mayor and make their public commitment to the purity laws! The Schäfflers will also be making an appearance with their special dance, as well as the Münchner Kindl. 

Check out the full program here.

When: Saturday, June 29, 2019 from 8am-2pm

Where: Marienplatz and Odeonsplatz

The Munich City Run

If you’re thinking “it’s probably way too late to sign up for thiiis…” good news – sign-ups are open until the day-of! If you don’t fancy running a half marathon, 10k or 5k in this sizzling heat wave, then no worries – feel free to come around and watch or simply steer clear of the area because it’ll get busy for sure 😉 Learn more here.

When: Sunday, June 30 at 8am

Where: Ludwigstraße and around the English Garden

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