4 Great Gyms In Munich (And How To Get The Cheapest Memberships Deals)

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Seeking to fulfil your New Year’s resolutions or simply seeking some basics about gyms in Munich? Save the hard work for the gym, have a look at  our list below of gyms in Munich where you can find the best membership deals!

With the many gyms available in Munich, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you to sign up to, and let’s face it, sometimes the German barrier can also be a bit tedious. But have no fear! We’ve got the details broken down and shared all of the membership deals to save you time and money.

Whether you’re a beginner or a certified #Fitfam member, this post will certainly have something for everyone who’s keen on finding a great studio at a great price. So, let’s get started and explore the different gyms in Munich!

*Disclaimer* We are not sponsored or paid to promote any of these gyms, we are just sharing what we’ve found plus the experience of our team.


4 Great Gyms In Munich (And How To Get The Cheapest Memberships Deals)
Photo from McFit

Love to work out, but not so keen on going solo? McFit is probably your best pick! One unique feature they offer above the rest is the opportunity to bring plus ones to the gym once a month!

Although McFit has a small selection of studios across the city, they sure make up for it with all they have in their studios. With the standard machines, free weights and course rooms, they also offer the bonus of allowing you to bring a workout buddy on the weekends with you.

They currently have a sign up option running through January that includes a waived sign up fee, your first two months will cost only €9.90 per month on a 12-month contract, then the remaining months will be €24.90 instead of €34.90.

Locations:  Obergiesing, Laim, Schwabing & Forstenreid

Cost: 9.90 for each of your first three months + no sign up fee

Fit Star

4 Great Gyms In Munich (And How To Get The Cheapest Memberships Deals)
Photo from Fit Star

If your gym goals in Munich are set on finding the most accessible option for the best price, we’d have to hand this over to Fit Star. With over five different studios throughout the city, and a monthly rate under €25, they have a pretty good thing going.

Fit Star studios are quite large, with multiple weight machines and cardio rooms as well as a few studios for the multitude of courses offered (even online course for those a bit too shy to join in person!). Their facilities include parking and free Wi-Fi, and they are open 24/7, 365 days a year.

For their January membership deals, Fit Star has two options available. The first is 50% off your sign up fee, and the is the option to receive your first two months free. You’ll still need to pay the initial startup fee of €38.90 though.

And of course, you have the opportunity to register online as well as even cancel your membership online-which we find to be a pretty decent advancement in German convenience.

Locations in Munich: Schwabing, Berg am Laim, Giesing, Laim,Neuhausen,Pasing,Perlauch,Neureid, Sendling & Trudering

Cost: Option 1: No start up fee or Option 2: First 2 months free

Fitness First

4 Great Gyms In Munich (And How To Get The Cheapest Memberships Deals)
Photo from Fitness First

Fans of big fancy gyms rejoice! If your aim is to find a fitness center with all the bells, whistles and pool, then Fitness First should be first on your list.

Pools are not always the standard inclusion with gyms in Germany (we’ve sadly come to acknowledge), but Fitness First has some great options if your main style of workout is aquatic.

Fitness First is currently running a January limited special that offers free access until March, plus the option to cancel on a monthly basis within your first three months if you don’t love it. You can also pause your membership if you want a break but want to avoid paying the starting fees all over again.

Fitness First has a variety of very central locations in Munich, with some even being more spa and wellness focused with rooftops, tanning salons, and massage options available! Plus there’s even childcare available in some of the locations. We recommend checking out their website for the most exact pricing offers and specific options available nearest you.

Locations in Munich: Haidhausen, Schwabing, Laim & Marienplatz

Cost: Starting at €17.90 per week, check out their website here for full details

Gold’s Gym

4 Great Gyms In Munich (And How To Get The Cheapest Memberships Deals)
Photo from Gold’s Gym

American expats and gym rats, this one is for you. Munich has its very own Gold’s Gym available to go and channel your inner Arnold.

Probably one of the most aesthetic and dare we say, themed gyms in Munich, Gold’s Gym is a Munich muscle growers paradise. With exposed brick, large lofty ceilings and a fresh , quirky deco design, it’s a pretty stunning sight.

The membership deals currently being offered are saving 50% in the first 3 months and another 50% on the registration fee. If you sign up now, instead of their monthly rate of €50, you’ll get the first three months at €20 (the rate is different at select locations). Check out the full details on their website if extra heavy lifting is on your new year’s to do list!

Locations in Munich: Berg am Laim (membership also allows training at all McFit gyms as well!)

Cost: From 20 a month

Any Other Munich Gyms We Should Add To The List?

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