Creepy Hoodie Statues Near Munich Hauptbahnhof: WTF Are They, Actually?

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While walking around Munich on a little sunset mission last night, members of the Bored in Munich team came across the creepiest sight near Hauptbahnhof…. two towering dolls watching ominously over the intersection, faces wrapped by tightened hoodies, and an eerie demeanour well fit for a horror movie.

And you know, after backing away slowly then running the opposite way, our next instinct was to figure out what the heck we actually saw. What are those weird hoodie statues by Hauptbahnhof, and why are they there?

Well, as with most strange and inexplicable things in Munich, the answer is simple: it’s art.

According to Positive Propaganda, American artist Mark Jenkins is to blame for the installation, which he created in collaboration with local painter Vanessa Luschmann last year.

While you can’t tell from street level, the sculptures are actually made of tape. And their purpose? Well, according to this feature on Positive Propaganda, the sculptures relate to how human behaviour and the prioritization of economic growth can come at the expense of our planet and those who are economically weakest.

Jenkins is known for his bizarre sculptural street installations, which can be seen in major cities all around the world (click here for a gallery on his official website). Often his work involves sculptures like the ones we have in Munich, which are placed in public areas and streets where they “interact” with daily life and passerbyers.

Unsurprisingly, it is said that his work often attracts the attention of police, which we’re sure was likely the case in Munich.

To see the installation for yourself, head to Paul-Heyse-Unterführung / Arnulfstraße 9.

For more photos of the sculptures and the creation process, click here.

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