The Top 10 Cheap Hotels in Munich (That are Still Worth Booking!)

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Here’s the thing: while Munich is a beautiful city with an abundance of history and culture for you to enjoy, it can also be expensive. And, if you’re trying to find cheap hotels in Munich, Germany, it might be difficult. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. And, lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place.

After perusing through countless hotel listings with insane prices, you might feel like there’s no real winning this battle. But you’d be surprised. From the city center to the train station and beyond, there are plenty of cheap accommodation options in Munich. You just need some insider tips and a little perseverance!

We’ve scoured the Internet so you don’t have to and used our most trusted insider sources. So, without further ado, here are the best cheap places to stay in Munich!

The Best Cheap Hotels in Munich City Center

Looking for low budget hotels in Munich that are also in the heart of the city, close to all of Munich’s tourist attractions? We’ve got you covered! Here are our favorite central options that are still absolute steals!

Hotel Demas City, Munich

Perfect for: Those looking for a cheap stay in Munch in the city center that still offers all the amenities necessary for comfort.

With minimalist décor and a hot and cold buffet available every morning, this hotel is the perfect budget place to stay in Munich, especially considering its great checkout time for travelers.

As a bonus, with pretty much everything within walking distance, you’ll also save loads on public transportation fare.

Between the outstanding breakfast, the friendly and accommodating staff, the great location, and even the exceptional cleanliness of this property, reviewers always seem to check out with nothing short of satisfaction. Its family friendly atmosphere and on-site parking are sure to exceed your expectations!

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Mercure Hotel Munchen Altstadt

Perfect for: Travellers looking for a cheap accommodation that’s centrally located and offers all the comfort and amenities they need to stay on the ball.

Full disclaimer: this property can be a bit pricier, but its location compensates for that. Tailored to business travel, this hotel’s modern rooms offer everything you need to be well-rested for a long day of meeting or excursions into the city. And, should you be an older soul, there’s a shared computer with Internet access free-of-charge.

Reviewers rave about this property’s meals, whether it’s the inclusive breakfast or dinner, and they’re sure to keep you fueled and focused. Pet-friendly and non-smoking, this is a veritable worker’s paradise, perfectly equipped to help you maintain your concentration. With flexible checkouts and an accommodating staff, you’ll feel right at home.

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The Best Cheap Hotels Near Munich Train Station

If the touristy city center isn’t really your bag, or you’re simply trying to stay close to the train station to make traveling easier, we’ve got you covered! Here are our favorite options near the Munich train station.

Hotel Jedermann

Perfect for: Those looking to be near the train station but want an accommodating, cheap hotel with excellent amenities. It’s particularly great when attending Oktoberfest!

A few minutes from the train station and Oktoberfest grounds, the exalted breakfast buffet will keep you fueled for either a day of travel or a day of, well, debauchery and beer. With a bar that boasts the finest Bavarian beer, you’ll be taken care of morning to the evening.

Large rooms, air-conditioning, and a friendly staff are only the tip of the iceberg, and the breakfast can truly not be understated. One guest claimed it “blew [their] mind,” which is about as glowing a review as any. And, while not directly in the city center, the nearby train station makes it feel like it’s right outside the front door.

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Hotel Ars Vivendi

Perfect for: Those looking for a good German breakfast and a cheap stay in Munich near the train station—it’s particularly great for those on business or those in town for a short layover.

With a modern design and drinks, coffee, and snacks available throughout the day and into the evenings, you’ll never feel unsatisfied at this train station adjacent hotel. And, should you be looking for something a little more cultural, the breakfast buffet has options catered to Bavarian sensibilities.

Whether your want to barbecue or luxuriate in their garden, you can turn this affordable hotel into something like your own personal resort. Perfect for an overnight stay during a layover, or for a short business trip, you’ll find that hotel has everything you need and more.

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Buddy Hotel, Munich

Perfect for: Those looking for a cheap, functional room near the train station with “positive vibes”—especially if you’re traveling for business.

With lean services and smart technologies, this room is perfectly suited for people looking for a living space and working space. And, while they don’t serve breakfast, they assure free take-away snacks are provided. Whether it’s the rain shower or the modern and quirky designs, guests always seem to leave satisfied.

Soundproof rooms will ensure you get every wink of sleep you need, and the functionality of the room—including a coffeemaker—leaves guests particularly impressed. Whether you’re indulging in the 24-hour snacks available at reception or simply enjoying “the vibes,” this will surely enhance your stay in Munich.

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Other Cheap Hotels in Munich

If the center is too busy, and the area around the train station isn’t really your thing, don’t worry! There are plenty of other cheap hotels in Munich or at least near the city center. Here are our favorites.

Flatista Boutique Hotel

Perfect for: Those with families looking for a cheap place to stay, affordable parking, family friendly activities, and a balcony and terrace to relax on.

A boutique hotel that even provides a terrace for guests and a balcony attached to each room, this is a great option. With family rooms available and the Bavarian National Museum nearby, this property makes for a great base of operations for the whole fam-bam. And, should you be driving, parking is only 6 euros a day.

With guests praising the friendly staff and breakfast, the point of emphasis seems to be its location: tucked into a quiet and peaceful area, it isn’t far removed from all the action Munich has to offer. With cafés and parks nearby, you’ll find this is an ideal property for you and the whole family!

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Hotel Olympia

Perfect for: Those with families, especially little ones—there’s a playground on the property and there are parks nearby in this residential area.

Family operated, you’ll feel like you’re staying with your own family when you book a stay at Hotel Olympia. And, should you have little ones, you can let them exhaust themselves at the playground while you decompress from a day of sightseeing or travel! With a breakfast buffet served each morning, you’ll find hunger to be a thing of the past.

And, particularly for those driving, free parking is available. Whether it’s from relaxing on the terrace, sun deck, or in the garden, you’ll leave feeling reborn. However, it’s important to note: this property is located in a more residential area, so the city center isn’t right around the corner. But the vibe more than makes up for it!

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MEININGER Hotel Munchen Olympiapark

Perfect for: Those traveling and looking for something off the beaten path but still central. Especially if looking for great amenities, some peace and quiet, this is for you!

Boasting a terrace and soundproof rooms, this property is located in one of Munich’s top hidden gems when it comes to sightseeing. With Olympiapark just around the corner, tourists have plenty of opportunities to get a bit off the beaten path, with fun attractions close by like the BMW Museum, BMW World (free!), and the Olympic Tower. You’ll definitely feel like you have insider knowledge after staying here.

And, with a continental breakfast and packed lunch available every morning, and a bar to help you unwind in the evening, you’ll feel relaxed like never before! Whether it’s luxuriating on their terrace or renting bikes, this hotel and its minimal, lively aesthetic is the perfect place to take in the city.

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Hotel Eder

Perfect for: Those looking for a cheap, central, cultural experience, from the German-style breakfast to the interior design and even the architecture outside!

Family run and located in a quiet corner just outside Munich city center, this is a great hotel that offers both location and charm for an unbeatable price. With modern rooms and a German-style breakfast to enjoy in their traditional breakfast room, you’ll get a great feel for some German culture.

Whether you’re seeing the sights or relaxing in their terrace or garden, you’ll have an unforgettable experience. The Bavarian royal style paintings on the wall will make you feel like royalty and give you a taste of Bavarian culture, which will only be complemented by the architecture right outside the door!

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Gambino Hotel CINCINNATI

Perfect for: Those in town on business who just want a place to stay and work with everything else being provided on the premises.

With floor-to-ceiling windows, you’ll feel like money in these great, affordable rooms. But, even better, if you’re in town on business, there’s ample space to get work done and a coffee and tea station to help you burn the midnight oil. Modern and simplistic in design, this is truly a business traveler’s dream.

From on-site shops to an on-site convenience store, you’ll find everything you need in this hotel and its soundproof rooms.

And, while not directly situated in the city center, the S-Bahn station directly outside means you’re not far from all the sights via public transport.

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