Boating on the Isar Between Großhesseloherwehr and Flaucher Banned Until Further Notice

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Following a series of accidents and rescue missions along the Isar on Saturday, the City of Munich has issued a ban on any boating along the Isar between Großhesseloherwehr and Flaucher until further notice.

The news comes after the Wasserwacht had to rescue 32 people on Saturday, all of whom required rescue due to hazardous conditions such as high water levels and strong currents caused by recent storms, as well as large quantities of driftwood in the river.

BR reports that eleven dinghies capsized within only a few hours on Saturday, however all 32 passengers were successfully rescued.

Among the incidents were some boats that got caught on the Wasserwalze (Water roller) at Marienklause, and a boat that got wedged between tree trunks near the Thalkirchner Bridge by the zoo.

Given the ban on activity between Großhesseloherwehr and Flaucher, all boaters are asked to abide by the signposted exit on the right-hand side above the Großhesseloherwehr.

According to, the exact duration of this ban is not yet known, as heavy rainfall and storms are expected in Munich this week.

To read more about the ban and current rules, visit the official site here. More on this as it develops.

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