BMW DriveNow Coupon – Free €15 Credit & over 30% Off Registration!

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Hunting for a valid BMW DriveNow coupon to use? Great news – we have an exclusive offer for you that will let you save over 30% off your registration fee (€9.98 instead of €29) and give you a free €15 driving credit on top of that, which effectively makes your entire BMW DriveNow registration free!

Click here to claim your €15 credit and €9.98 Registration!

BMW DriveNow Coupon - Free €15 Credit & over 30% Off Registration!

How to Use Our BMW DriveNow Coupon

Redeeming this offer couldn’t be easier! All you need to do is…

  1. Click through to the official BMW DriveNow website here using this link
  2. Press the green “Register Now button” (Jezt Registrieren)
  3. Enter your details and sign up
  4. The 15 euros credit will be given to your account once registration is completed

Does this BMW DriveNow Coupon Work for Other Cities Too?

Yes! By registering with our coupon and link here, you will gain access to over 3,300 cars spread across Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Cologne, in addition to the huge fleet of BMW DriveNow cars in Munich.

When will I get my €15 credit with this DriveNow Coupon?

As stated on the official website here, your €15 free driving credit will be given to your account once you complete your registration. This credit is valid for 30 days from your registration date and will automatically expire after this period is over. NOTE: The driving credit is applied automatically for your invoices but is not available to be used for fines or other service fees.

How does BMW DriveNow Work?

BMW DriveNow is a carsharing app that allows you to quickly and easily rent a car with all the gas, insurance, kilometres, etc. included. Unlike conventional car rental places where you need to visit their office, pick up the car there and drop it off at the same place, BMW Drive Now has a fleet of cars scattered around the city ready for you to reserve and hop in any time you want.

Once you reserve a car on the app, you can unlock it, and then you pay for the time you use it, starting from 25 cents per minute, 9 euros per hour or 80 euros per day.

NOTE: They also offer package offers that allow you to rent for longer periods and save, including…

  • 3 hours from 29 € (including 80 km)
  • 6 hours from 59 € (including 120 km)
  • 9 hours from 75 € (including 200 km)

NOTE: The BMW DriveNow approval and verification process can take several days and even up to a week to go through so we recommend registering ASAP here, even if you don’t have immediate use for it right now. This will allow you to quickly hop on and reserve a car without a hitch when you do.

Is BMW DriveNow Legit?

Yes we’ve used it several times now and it’s a very seamless and easy process. Again, the only downfall for us personally was that it took several days to approve and verify our licenses, so we weren’t able to use it right away. This is why we would recommend you take advantage of this deal ASAP and register now even if you don’t think you will need it right away, because the approval process can take over a week like ours did.

Hope you make good use out of our BMW DriveNow Voucher!

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about this exclusive BMW DriveNow coupon.

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