20 Anti-Racism Protests Planned for Saturday Across Germany. Here’s How to Participate in Munich

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In solidarity with protestors and victims of racism in the United States and around the world, a series of silent anti-racism protests are set to take place across Germany on Saturday, June 6.

These protests will follow a series of demonstrations that have taken place in the US over the past few weeks, sparked by outrage at the systemic racism and police brutality that have caused the senseless and unjustifiable deaths of countless innocent Black lives in the United States.

The number of lives lost are numerous, but recent protests center on the unjustified murder of George Floyd, who died on May 25 when a white police officer knelt on his neck for almost 9 full minutes as he struggled to breathe.

We at Bored in Munich fully believe that Black Lives Matter, and stand in solidarity with those that are protesting against these injustices not just in the US, but all around the world. We invite you to join us at the protest on Saturday, where we along with other residents of Munich will peacefully make our stance known.

Below you’ll find information on how to participate in this Saturday’s protest:

This Saturday’s Silent Anti-Racism Protest in Munich: The Details

Where: Kรถnigsplatz

When: 3pm on Saturday, June 6, 2020

Dress code: Black tops (and nose/mouth coverage in compliance with Bavaria’s current regulations)

NOTE: According to the event organizers, this Saturday’s protest has been officially registered with the relevant authorities and approved for 200 participants. The designated protest area will be marked off by tape and closed off after the participant limit has been reached.

More info: For details on other protests happening across Germany, visit the event’s official Instagram page here.

How to Get Up-to-Date Info on the Protest

The main line of communication for this protest so far has been a Telegram chat. Click here to join the group.

Alternatively, you can visit the official Instagram for the Germany-wide protests here. Contact info of the Munich organizers specifically can be found in this post.

Lastly, be sure to follow @blacklivesmattermunich for more information on anti-racism initiatives in Munich.

Safety Regulations & Reminder

As a reminder, all protestors and attendees should remember the strict social distancing guidelines that are still in place throughout Bavaria – nose/mouth coverage (i.e. wearing a mask) remains mandatory, as well as a minimum 1.5m distance between individuals.

Furthermore, remember to bring disinfectant with you if possible, and refrain from the sharing of drinks.

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