An Epic Livestream Will Be Replacing Munich’s PrideWeek Politparade Parade This Year. Here’s Where to Watch It

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With the virus that shall not be named forcing the cancellation of countless events over the past few months, Munich’s annual PrideWeek has looked a lot different this year, with a series of virtual events and small in-person gatherings replacing the usual program of street parties and of course, the famous PolitParade.

… but the Pride spirit is still alive and well in Munich, and the main event this year will be an 18 hour live stream featuring performances, music, interesting talks and more, all broadcasted live from the new lesbian-queer center “LeZ” on Müllerstraße.

In this post, we’ll share where you can get more details on the live stream and how to get involved.

Full PrideGuide 2020

First, if you’d like to learn more about PrideWeek events/happenings, click here for a digital version of the official 2020 PrideGuide via CSD München.

NOTE: A series of small, peaceful, decentralized demonstrations are also scheduled for Saturday in the city center, however due to current hygiene/gathering restrictions, all groups have had to register in advance and registrations have already exceeded their limit. Supporters are urged to NOT attend the demos unless they have previously registered, as doing so might result in the entire event getting cancelled. There are other ways to show your support in the meantime though (details below).

Munich Pride Livestream Details

Time: Starts at 12pm on Saturday, July 11, 2020

Duration: Over 18 hours of content are planned

Where to watch: Click here for livestream links. There is also a Zoom watching party

An Epic Livestream Will Be Replacing Munich's PrideWeek Politparade Parade This Year. Here's Where to Watch It
A photo from last year’s PrideWeek via @wanderingchocobo

How to Get Involved

While Pride in Munich will look drastically different this year, there are still a number of ways to support the work of CSD München. Here are some ideas:

  1. Donate. Because so many events have been cancelled this year, the CSD München has lost a large portion of their income. If you would like to make a financial donation, click here to visit their fundraising page.
  2. Shop at the CSD Munich Support Shop. Besides donations, you can also purchase products directly from CSD Munich to show your support. Yes, they even have face masks! Click here to browse their collection.
  3. Show your support by flaunting rainbow. Not all support needs to be financial! While registrations for the demos have closed, you can still visibly show your support in other ways. As stated on the CSD website, you can “hang flags from your windows, get dressed in rainbow colors, meet up with friends and take to the streets together in your neighborhood”, being mindful of hygiene rules of course.
  4. Watch the livestream. Again, the main event for Munich’s Pride Week is the livestream taking place on July 11.

For more info on PrideWeek in Munich, visit the official CSD website here.

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