3000 Gather in Marienplatz to Protest Coronavirus Rules

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According to a press release issued by the Munich Police on Saturday, over 3000 participants gathered in Marienplatz on Saturday afternoon to protest against coronavirus rules and regulations.

The main protest, which took place from 1:30pm to 3:30pm, was a legal protest that had gained prior approval from relevant authorities for a demonstration of 80 participants.

According to police, these 80 participants stood in a designated area and protested peacefully while maintaining the necessary minimum distance between protestors. However, as the afternoon went on, more protestors joined and stood outside of this area, bringing the total to over 3000 participants, some of which were unable to maintain minimum distance.

While police attempted to control the situation via communicative means such as loudspeaker announcements, their attempts were unsuccessful. According to their report, they therefore allowed the protest to continue to avoid any further escalation.

Another (unauthorized) protest by a far-right group also took place at 2:30pm by the Fischbrunnen. A total of 36 participants were recorded, but the group was removed as their demonstration had not received prior approval.

Seven arrests in total were made in relation to the demonstrations mentioned above, for reasons such as resistance and assault against officers and violations of the Versammlungsgesetz (Assembly Act).

Here are some more photos of the protest via Instagram:


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