30+ Oktoberfest Puns & Instagram Captions To Show You Living Your Beer-st Life

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Looking to hop-timize your Oktoberfest Instagram captions with some brewtiful puns? Say no more.

We’ve got a great list of all the Oktoberfest puns and captions to help you share your beer-st memories from the world’s largest beer festival and Munich’s favourite season!

Whether you want to share a hoppy snap shot of you and your friends, a masterpiece maß you championed or simply get a good wiesn season giggle, we’re sure we have the perfect Oktoberfest pun waiting for you below!

General Oktoberfest Wordplay & Puns for Instagram Captions

Oktoberfest may be ale you need, but the hop-portunity for some good wordplay or puns for your Instagram captions are what we need (and supply!)

Oktoberfest is truly a brewtiful sight

Wish you were beer!

To the window, to the fall…to the largest beer festival!

Back that maß up

These rides are Riesen-ably Rad ?

Alcohol you later ✌?

Sips about to get real

Oh, hey there hop stuff

Deja brew

Never been hoppier

Oktoberfest is all about making pour decisions

Pitcher perfect

This maß tastes like I’m not going to work tomorrow

Worth the Brewtal Hangover

Now watch, as I make this maß disa-beer ?

Things are about to go beer-serk

Take a pitcher, it’ll last longer

Beer is the wiesn I got up this morning

Don’t worry, be hoppy

I a-brew-ve these beverage decisions

Brewsness as usual

Oktoberfest Puns For Perfect Selfie Captions

Taking a picture to remember that pitcher? Try out one of these Oktoberfest puns to captions the perfect selfie

Too hot to hendl

Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder

Fesch to death

A maß a day keeps the work away

Tracht up for what

Your prost-ess with the mostess

Oktoberfest Beer Wordplay & Puns for Instagram Captions

Secured the perfect Oktoberfest photo-hop? Perfect, we’ve got the perfect beer wordplay and puns for ale your Instagram caption needs

Don’t mess with my maß

Two beer or not two beer, that is the question

If you’re hoppy and you know it clap your hands

Beer me up, buttercup

Another maß? Oh ale yes.

Life’s all about the beer necessities

Beer is the answer, but I don’t remember the question

Don’t disturb me. I’m busy living my beer-st life

Drinking beer ale day, everyday

Life, liberty and the pursuit of hoppiness

Oktoberfest Food Wordplay & Puns for Instagram Captions

The beer may be good, but nothing compares to a good Oktoberfest food pic…unless of course it comes with some great wordplay and puns in the Instagram captions

I think you’re really spätzle

On my wurst behavior

Time to get knotty ?

What’s Lebkuchen good lookin?

I’d guess you’d say it was a wurst-käse scenerio

Bready or not, here I come

For real, German food is the schnitzel

Can you hendl this?

You don’t like German pretzel jokes? I feel so in-salted

Why be salty when you can be malty?

Gluten tag ???

Oktoberfest Puns For Perfect Photo Captions With Friends

Show off your beer-y best side with not only the perfect photo of you and your friends , but with the perfect Oktoberfest pun captions

Beer fest with the best

Friends don’t let friends go thirsty

He was a skaterhosen, she said see you lederhosen

In our Hoppy place

The best beers are the ones we drink with friends

Just a bad and brewsy bunch

Beerl-y beloved, we are gathered here today…

Cheers to a brew-tiful friendship

Un-beer-lievably good company

Did We Forget Any Festive Pun Faves For Oktoberfest Captions?

Let us know in the comments so we can add more to our list! For more Oktoberfest content, stay up to date with our blog posts page and of course check out our Instagram & TikTok!

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