Yasss! USB Charging Ports Are Now Available in New MVG Buses

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Gone are the days of panicking over 5% battery – Munich is finally (sort of) joining the 21st century and introducing USB charging ports to new buses.

But don’t get too excited just yet – this tech-friendly amenity is currently only on 15 new MVG buses for now, but there are plans in place to expand the service in the future. Naturally, they’re operating on a “BYOC” bring your own cable policy, so be sure to keep one handy! (Heh. Get it? “Handy”?)

Each equipped bus has 6 double USB ports, which, for those bad at math, means 12 people can get their charge on during their commute. (Or 1 person with many, many devices… whichever)

… Now, maybe, can we ask for some air conditioning? 😉

You can read the original press release (in German) here.

Photo via SWM/MVG

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