Vote for the Official Oktoberfest 2020 Poster & Win 2 Spots in the Schottenhammel Tent for Opening Day!

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Beautiful bored people of Munich, just as we’ve finally slept off our glühwein hangovers, it seems our city’s attention has already shifted to our biggest drinking event of the year – Oktoberfest! 

Yup – that’s right, voting has officially begun for this year’s official Oktoberfest poster (which, as we’re sure you know) will be seen all over the Wiesn grounds and sprinkled liberally on merch near and far.

Incentivizing this of course is you get entered into a draw to win 2 spots in the Schottenhammel tent for opening day (beer and chicken included, naturally) or one of 5 official souvenir maß for this year’s festivities.

There are a few pretty cool contenders this year so we’ve already cast our vote. Weirdly, you can vote once for each poster, so go nuts. Click here to see the full list of finalists.

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