Find Vegan Food At Oktoberfest With This Great Guide!

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Ditch the pig knuckles and the blood sausages – there are some new stars in town this Wiesn Season and they’re not wearing lederhosen. Yes we are talking about vegan food at Oktoberfest!

There are a number of plant based delights to drool over this year – so we’ve rounded up a few of our faves. Grab your Breze and your Maß and come with us to toast a big Prost to this year’s vegan offerings!

Vegan Food At Oktoberfest

Vegan Weißwurst

Find Vegan Food At Oktoberfest With This Great Guide!
Photo from Veggiewiesn

Breaking News: lovers of a traditional Bavvy B (Bavarian Breakfast) need fear no longer – this staple würstchen which has long delighted locals is available to you in plant based form.

This beloved staple is best enjoyed with a Breze and a Weißbier in hand (even better if it’s before noon), and is the perfect way to start your Festzeit.

Where to find it: Hofbräu Festzelt

Vegan Goulash

Find Vegan Food At Oktoberfest With This Great Guide!
Photo from Auf Die Faust

If you’re looking for a pause in festivities, look no further than the super cute, cosy corner of Oide Wiesn.

We love spending time here in the old-timey traditional market and going nuts for the rides – but make sure you pop in to the Traditionzelt for a plate of potato Goulash – rich aromatics, savoury broth and tender tatties – it’s a match made in heaven.

And if you’re already in the thick of it and excited to party the day away in one of the bigger tents, Ochsenbraterei has a great one also!

Where to find it: Traditionzelt in Oide Wiesn and Ochsenbraterei

Veggie Strudel

Find Vegan Food At Oktoberfest With This Great Guide!

Don’t miss the action at Löwenbräu – here you’ll find a comforting plate of savoury veggie strudel – honestly it’s got the dessert kind beat.

Think layers on layers of tomato and basil ragout , crispy thin crust, and a moreish topping of chanterelle mushrooms – we’re salivating now.

Where to find it: Löwenbräuzelt

Vegan Currywurst

Vegan Food At Oktoberfest Vegan currywurst
Photo from Paulaner

The king of all Imbiss food – if you’ve got a hankering for a plant based Curry wurst, then Paulaner has got your back.

The vegan sausages are excellent (mit or ohne), and they come drenched in a vegan iteration of that sweet, tangy sauce you know and love – this is the perfect snack to spice up the festive zeit.

Where to find it: Winzerer Fähndl (Paulaner Garten); Steff’s Imbiss


Vegan Food At Oktoberfest Kartoffelwaffeln
Photo from Happykueats

Say Kartoffelwaffeln 10 times really fast- we dare you. In the hallowed halls of Schottenhammel you’ll find a nod to the greasy spoons of yonder – a deliciously fluffy potato waffle served with a herby mushroom ragout.

Head over for the inaugural cry of ‘O’zapft is!’ and tuck in to this hearty fare.

Where to find it: Schottenhammel

Vegan Leberkäse

Find Vegan Food At Oktoberfest With This Great Guide!
Photo from mkn_deutschland

One of the most quintessential beer garden snacks – we’d recommend trying this vegan meatloaf from Franzls Leberkäs Speiserei (amongst all their other goodies) – it’s hearty, flavourful, and an incredibly popular sell out with the locals year after year.

Where to find it: Franzls Leberkäs Speiserei ( between Augustiner and Bräurosl)

Vegan Bratwurst

Find Vegan Food At Oktoberfest With This Great Guide!
Photo from Ochsenbraterei

We wouldn’t be good Germans if we didn’t separate out our types of sausage (there are 3 sausage related dish categories on this list!) – but the humble, beloved Bratwurst definitely deserves it’s own spotlight.

Vegan versions of this quintessential sausage can be found all over Theresienwiese – we’ve rounded up a few spots for you.

Where to find it: Henrietta Dehner’s Stand (Wirtsbudenstraße 127), Bratwurst Hut (outside Schottenhamel)

Vegan Flammkuchen

Find Vegan Food At Oktoberfest With This Great Guide!
Photo from Veggiewiesn

Flammkuchen, also known as “Flame Cake” or “Tarte Flambée,” is a traditional Alsatian dish from the northeastern region of France, close to the German border.

It shares some similarities with pizza but has its unique characteristics – it’s perfect for sharing with pals, and the vegan topping options at Kaiserchmarrn are sure to delight you.

Where to find it: Café Kaiserschmarrn

Vegan Soups And Stews

A bowl of something wintery and nourishing will often hit the spot (and lines the stomach) in a way the deep fryer does not.

There are lots of places to find a bowl packed full of nutrients and vitamins – we’d recommend trying for a Gulaschkanone.

Where to find it: Gulaschkanone (by the Löwenbräu tent)

Non-Bavarian Vegan Feeds

If you’re tiring of traditional treats undergoing the plant based revolution, we highly recommend you park up at Kuffler’s Winezelt to tickle your tastebuds with curries, soups, and salads packed with gourmet ingredients – or perusing the extensive offerings in the Zum Stiftl marquee

Where to find it: Kuffler’s Winezelt, Zum Stiftl

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