This Munich Ice Cream Shop Has Unveiled a New ‘Corona’ Flavour ?

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With tensions running high over Coronavirus, one popular Munich ice creamery has taken a novel approach to cooling the panic…

By turning it into ice cream.

Yup – that’s right… Der verrückte Eismacher (purveyors of horrifying unique flavours like weißwurst, döner, and Augustiner beer) have unveiled their latest creation: a Corona-Eis mit Limetten-Tröpfchen-Infektion, a Corona ice cream with Lime Droplet Infection.

They’ve even incorporated masks into their marketing.

At 600+ likes and 69 shares, I guess you can say the post has gone pretty…………. viral.

Whether you’re panicking about Coronavirus or not, one thing’s for sure: der verrückte Eismacher is keeping things……. chill.

NOTE: This flavour seems to only be available at their Amalienstrasse location.

So – what do you think? Would you try the new Corona-Eis?

This Munich Ice Cream Shop Has Unveiled a New 'Corona' Flavour ?

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