Tanz In Den Mai In Munich: The Best Parties & Events

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The springtime tradition of Tanz in den Mai is the perfect way to welcome in the warmer months of the year by, simply, dancing into the month of May. Curious about where are the best spots in the city to dance are? keep on reading!

With a plethora of parties and events taking place, it’s easy to get lost in the fray. To help you out, we’ve gathered all the information you need to get the most out of Tanz in den Mai 2024 in Munich.

Hang on to your hats and put your best dancing foot forward, it’s going to be a wild ride!

What Is Tanz In Den Mai?

Tanz In Den Mai Munich Events
Photo by Flo Lorenz on Unsplash

Tanz in den Mai, or “Dance into May”, is a traditional German custom celebrated in many towns and cities all over the country. However, interestingly enough, the tradition of Tanz in den Mai is relatively new! It is a modern interpretation of an old custom of dancing and singing on Walpurgis Night (April 30) to celebrate May Day (May 1).

Walpurigs Night occurs between April 30 and May 1. This was originally a pagan spring festival, and has the custom of engaging in activities that made plenty of noise that evening in order to drive away the evil spirits of darkness. According to old legends, it is the night when witches fly on their brooms across Blocksberg, today’s Brocken, mid-Germany to meet in a wild dance.

The modern version of this event is a popular tradition across Germany, where people dress up, dance and celebrate in outdoor ( depending on weather) settings. The event usually features a variety of food and drinks, as well as live music and entertainment and sometimes a May King or Queen is announced there as well!

Tanz In Den Mai And May Day Traditions

Tanz In Den Mai In Munich: The Best Parties & Events
Photo from Viktualienmarkt

The first day of May is often celebrated by throwing a festival and raising a “Maibaum,” or Maypole. German “Maibaum” (maypole) traditions date back to the 16th century. Depending on local customs, this tall pole is constructed from a tree trunk (pine or birch), adorned with ribbons, flowers, and carvings.

This usually occurs in conjunction with a huge “May festival” celebrated by everyone in the village. It used to be that the Walpurgisnacht tree was cut fresh during this time; nowadays, it is cut earlier to allow for cleaning and decorating.

Tanz In Den Mai Munich Events Viktualienmarkt Christmas
Photo from Viktualienmarkt

(If you know Munich, you’ve probably seen them up in the city year round like the one in Viktualienmarkt!)

A lot of people consider the 1st of May to be the beginning of summer (not officially, but weather-wise, for sure)…If you’ve lived in Germany for enough time, you’ll also agree as soon as the weather warms up, this counts as summer!

Quick Tip: The first of May is also celebrated as Labor Day in Germany. In large cities, political organizations and unions use rallies and demonstrations to raise awareness and support…So don’t be surprised if you see this in between all the celebrations.

Tanz In Den Mai Parties

Our list of the best places to celebrate Tanz in den Mai in Munich is the perfect place to start. Munich’s Tanz in den Mai festival is a time for locals and visitors alike to come together and celebrate spring.

Whether you’re looking for cultural events with a traditional flair or modern activities and parties, there is something for everyone.

Here are some of the most exciting events and parties taking place this weekend!

Tanz In Den Mai La Rumba Latin Party

Tanz in Den Mai La Rumba
Photo from La Rumba

Where: Sonnenstr. 15

When: April 30, 2024 // starting at 10:30 p.m

Tanz In Den Mai Milla Club

Tanz In den Mai Milla Club
Photo from Milla Club

Where: Holzstraße 28

When: April 30, 2024 // 9 p.m – 3 a.m

Tanz In Den Mai Disco

Tanz in Den Mai Disco
Photo from Disco

Where: Hansastraße 44

When: April 30, 2024 // 9 p.m – 3 a.m

Tanz In Den Mai 80’s Party

Tanz in den Mai 80's party
Photo from 80’s Party

Where: Schellingstraße 91

When: April 30, 2024 // 8 p.m

Kommune Vertikal

Tanz In den Mai Kommun Vertikal
Photo from Kommune Vertikal

Where: Tumblingerstraße 45

When: April 30, 2024 // 7 p.m

Ahh Tanz In Den Mai

Tanz in den Mai Ahh
Photo from Ahh

Where: Speicherstraße 20

When: April 30, 2024 // 6 p.m

Ash Ladies Night

Tanz In den Mai The Ash Ladies Night
Photo from Ash Ladies Night

Where: Leopoldstraße 9

When: April 30, 2024 // 8 p.m – 12 a.m

Other Tanz In Den Mai / May Day Events And Activities

May Day celebrations also feature a few opportunities to participate in traditional May Day activities after the night of dancing. But, we are sure that regardless of what you do, Tanz in den Mai in Munich is sure to offer a fun filled (long) weekend!

Giesinger Alm Maibaum Festivities

Where: Nithartstr. 8

When: May 1, 2024 // starting at 9:30 a.m // Full set up starts at noon

Maypole Festival in Sendling-Westpark

Where: Luise-Kiesselbach-Platz

When: April 29, 2024 // 1 p.m , and May 1, 2024 // 10 a.m

May festival of the FasslClub in Lochhausen

Where: Am Maibaum

When: May 1, 2024 // Starting at 10:30 a.m

Mayfest in Laim of the Maypole Friends

Where: Laimer Anger

When: May 1, 2024 // Starting at 11 a.m

May festival in Obermenzing

Where: Dorfstraße 39

When: May 1, 2024 // 11 a.m

Maypole festival in Neuaubing

Where: St. Markus church square

When: May 1, 2024 // 12 p.m – 6 p.m

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