Munich Public Transportation Will Go On Strike This Week!

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Better plan ahead commuters, Munich public transportation employees will be going on strike this week Thursday and Friday!

On Thursday and Friday, MVG workers will strike in an attempt to get higher wages and demonstrate the importance of public transportation to climate change efforts…but what does two whole days of transportation strikes mean for Munich?

Check out the details below as well as some helpful resources to support your commuting at the end of the week!

When Will The Munich Public Transportation Strike Happen?

From Thursday, March 02,2023 and Friday, March 3,2023, Munich will get incredibly limited public transportation service. This is due to a planned strike by public transportation workers who are protesting for better wages and calling attention to climate activism.

A 10.5 percent increase in payment is being demanded by Verdi (the union behind MVG). It was announced in conjunction with Fridays for Future, an organization that is calling for a global climate strike on Friday.

As a result, they want to emphasize public transportation’s importance in a city like Munich, and they want to make it clear that more investment is needed if more people are going to use public transportation in the future.

What Munich Public Transportation Will Be Affected By The Strike?

Munich Public Transportation Will Go On Strike This Week!
Photo by Andrea on Unsplash


In the Ubahn, regular service is temporarily suspended for safety reasons. Operation can be resumed at a later date depending on the staff availability at the control centre and in the driving service. The priority will for the time being be on the U6 and U3 lines, which will feature a 10-cycle service.


Tram service is also dependent on the availability of drivers. Vehicles that are ready for use will first be concentrated on certain lines with as even an interval as possible. Priority will be given to line 20, which is in the highest demand, and line 25 from Ostfriedhof to GrΓΌnwald.


Since the cooperation partners (many of them run the bus lines, not MVG) aren’t on strike, it’s estimated that every second vehicle should be running. With the cooperation of its partners, MVG aims to maintain a 20-km interval on all lines.

There will be no CityRing 58/68 and an ExpressBus X30. And at night, routes N40, N72, and N80/81 receive priority. There is also the possibility that individual vehicles will run on other lines based on staff availability.


Luckily since the S-Bahn is operated by Deutsche Bahn, it will not be subject to a strike and run its regular hours and routes! ( the Deutsche Bahn has not let us down this time, yay!)

What To Do For Munich Public Transportation

Unfortunately, this part is a bit tricky for anyone to give too many suggestions for at the moment. For now all we can say is make sure you plan ahead for some extra time commuting, try to find a bus route and constantly check the MVG app for updates.

HOWEVER, we have come across a nice offer from a local radio station, Radio Gong 96.3, that has a special strike taxi you can apply for!

Munich Public Transportation Will Go On Strike This Week!
Photo from Radio Gong 96.3

Just keep in mind if you want to apply, the application form and contact are all in German. You can check it out on their website here

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