Munich is Celebrating its Birthday this Weekend! Here Are All the Festivities

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♫ Happy biiiiiirthday dear Muuuuuuunich…… ♫

That’s right folks, our dear München is celebrating its 861st birthday at the Stadtgründungsfest this weekend on June 15th and 16th, with a hefty roster of fun events and activities around the city center.

Here are all the festivities they have planned, according to

Standgründungsfest 2019 Full Program

Click here to see the full program for 2019 (in German), or see below for the main events.

1. Music concerts on the Marienplatz Main Stage

Looking for an excuse to bust out the dancing shoes? Plenty of talent from Munich and beyond will be rocking the main stage in Marienplatz over the weekend. Click here for the full program.

2. A big beer garden in Marienplatz

Oh yeah there will also be a big beer garden in Marienplatz… because Bavaria.

3. Craftman’s Village at Odeonsplatz

All throughout the weekend, Odeonsplatz will be filled with craftsmen and apprentices from 20+ guilds like roofers, gold/silversmiths, metal workers, carpenters, and more running demonstrations and workshops for the curious public.

4. Irish-Bayrisch Festivities in Odeonsplatz

Guinness on tap, traditional Irish dancing, and a Bavarian beer garden in the center of Odeonsplatz! This event sounds like a drunk person’s dream, and I think you know where to find us this weekend…

5. Craft Market

100+ artists, artisans and craftsmen will be selling their wares around the Wein-, Theatiner-, Residenz- and Dienerstraße this weekend. Take your pick from a huge selection of handmade textiles, glass art, felt products and more – some stalls will even be doing live demos!

6. Free Dance Lessons & Ballroom Dancing at the Old Rathaus

Hoping to learn some new moves? The Old Rathaus will be opening the doors to its historic ballroom on Saturday for free dance lessons – no registration required! Click here for more info on scheduled class times.

7. The Trachtenmarkt at the Old Rathaus

If you’re looking to spruce up your trachten for the coming year, don’t miss the Trachtenmarkt happening at the Old Rathaus this weekend, which will not only have stalls for you to buy fun goodies, but also informative stands so you can learn more about the traditional outfits so beloved in Munich and Bavaria!

8. Free City Tours

Hoping to learn more about this beautiful city we live in? The City of Munich will be hosting a variety of free, themed tours throughout the weekend. NOTE: These tours will most likely all be in German, but you can click here for details!

9. 1 Euro Weißwurst on Sunday

You can’t get a better deal than that! On Sunday, June 16 from 10am-12pm, Weißwurst at the beer gardens in Marienplatz and Odeonsplatz will be only 1 euro each so yeah, we’ll take 20.

10. A Medieval Celebration (for Kids) at the Alten Hof

The description for this one kind of confuses us, but it sounds like there will be medieval festivities around the Alten Hof this weekend complete with court musicians and all sorts of old school artisans like blacksmiths, spoon carvers, basket weavers and more. BUT there will also be some set activities, including a chance to play detective and help the Commissioner solve a crime? We don’t know? More details here.

11. Find out who wins 2x tickets to the opening day keg tapping at Oktoberfest

Last but not least, remember when we announced that awesome free raffle that the city was doing for free tickets to the opening day keg tapping at the Wiesn this year? Well, they’ll be announcing the winners at 3pm on Sunday at Marienplatz.

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