Munich Ausländerbehörde Closed Until Further Notice – Here’s What You Need to Know

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With the recent announcement that all KVR offices are closed until further notice, a lot of expats might be wondering how to handle urgent matters related to residence permits, visas, and job switches/terminations.

While the situation is no doubt stressful right now, the main website of the Ausländerbehörde here has also listed out some FAQ in German that will hopefully ease your worries a little bit. Below you’ll find important takeaways/translations:

1. Replacement appointments will be issued once the office opens up again

This means if you had an appointment coming up, you will be issued a replacement. That said, the exact date of the KVR’s re-opening is not yet known and replacement dates will not be available until then.

2. Do not panic if you haven’t received a response from them over email

They have acknowledged that there are delays at the moment due to the huge volume of emails they are receiving.

They have also said that “Durch eine verzögerte Antwort durch die Ausländerbehörde entstehen Ihnen keine aufenthaltsrechtlichen Nachteile.”, which translates to “A delayed response from the immigration office will not cause you any disadvantages under residence law.” This seems to imply that you will not be penalized if any residence law issues for you arise due to a delay in their response.

3. Temporary certificates will be issued via post for those with residence permits/visas expiring

They have said that if your residence permit/visa is expiring, they will mail you a temporary certificate extending your stay. However, if your residence permit expires in the next two days and you have not received a temporary certificate, you must email them at immediately.

4. Temporary certificates can also be issued if you legally entered Germany visa-free or w/ a Schengen visa and do not yet have a residence permit

To claim this certificate, email them at with the following documents scanned:

  • Passport (and visa)
  • Confirmation from the hotel or host
  • Proof that no exit is possible
  • If available, proof of your health insurance coverage

5. Residence permits that were previously ordered will be delivered by mail

Electronic residence permits will be delivered to you via post as soon as it’s ready.

6. If you have a new passport, the residence permit in your old passport remains valid

They do say however that you should carry your old and new passports with you. In the case that you handed in your old passport to them, contact them online to receive a temporary certificate in the mail.

7. If you have switched employers, you can let them know via post or email

Send the following documents by post or email to

  • Erklärung zum Beschäftigungsverhältni Form “AKA Declaration of employment form”
  • Copy of residence permit with additional sheet
  • Copy of the employment contract
  • Copy of the passport
  • Termination of the old employer

8. If you have lost your job, you can let them know via post or email

Send the following documents by post or email to with all of the following:

  • Notice of termination
  • Current bank statement
  • Proof of health insurance during unemployment

In all other cases, you are asked to contact their service phone number at 089 / 233-96010 or send an email to

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