Express Airport S-Bahn in the Works for Munich… But When Will it Open?

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If you’ve ever relied on the S-Bahn to reach the airport, odds are you’re familiar with just how congested and time-consuming it can be….

Well, these sweaty, crowded commutes might be reduced soon! According to an article published today on, there are plans for an “Express-S-Bahn light” in the works, which will only make 4 stops on the way from Ostbahnhof to Munich Airport, stopping only at Leuchtenbergring, Unterfรถhring and Ismaning.

No doubt, this express train (which would be added to the current schedule of three S8s per hour) would speed up the airport commute by a great deal for eager commuters, but when can we expect to see this change unfold?

Unfortunately, the answer is unclear, but it’s not likely to happen this year. According to the article, planning (and financing) the change is something that may take a few years. So yes, while the change sounds promising, we sadly won’t expect to see it anytime soon.

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