English Bike Repair Service In Munich: A Bikepick Review (2023)

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[WERBUNG/AD โ€“ Gifted Experience] Struggling to find time to repair your bike or simply don’t know how? We went and tried out this new home bike repair service in Munichโ€ฆ and we wheelie like it!

We became acquainted with a new Munich-based start-up that boasted about its great new hassle-free ( and budget-friendly!) home bike repair service.

So a member of our Bored in Munich team (and bike newbie) decided to get in contact and see if Bikepick was in fact a great pick.

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bike repair service in Munich Bikepick

How does BikePick work?

The service is a pretty simple concept. You go to their website and choose which service you would like to sign up for.

Their services range from a standard check-up package to a premium package service for E-bikes, with each package including pick up and drop off of your bike at the time of your choice*.

English Bike Repair Service In Munich: A Bikepick Review (2023)
* pick up options based on their availability

Once you’ve selected the option you would prefer, you can either choose to meet them and hand over your bike or agree on a location where you will leave your bike with a combination lock and provide them with the code.

English Bike Repair Service In Munich: A Bikepick Review (2023)

After some personal information, you will be asked to provide details regarding your bike. The type, color, brand as well as a section to describe any additional details about your bike, or describe some issues you have been having.

What is the pricing for Bikepick?

Bikepick offers a variety of services packages ranging from 19โ‚ฌ to 169โ‚ฌ or alternatively a list of pricing for individual repairs-such as brake tightening or even cutting off a bike lock you’ve lost the key for.

English Bike Repair Service In Munich: A Bikepick Review (2023)
We personally loved the convenience of this feature

Additionally, when booking your service, at the end near the payment details, they will ask you if you would like to provide an allowance.

What does this allowance do exactly? Well, basically it is just the credit limit for additional services.

In the event that they discover your bike needs some extra repairs, the allowance you put in is their limit to further repair your bike without needing to reach out to you or disrupt the timeline for your bike’s repairs.

Get 10โ‚ฌ off your next service with Bikepick: use the discount code B43MT9 at checkout

How we rate our experience with Bikepick Munich

We found Bikepick to be one of the most truly hassle-free interactions we’ve ever experienced with any service in Munich.

Booking was a breeze and the team was very friendly and attentive with their communication.

Our teammate, a new bike owner with no knowledge of any bike repairing tasks, had originally just wanted a check-up on her bike due to flat tires.

However, Bikepick discovered that her brakes were not functioning fully and repaired them swiftly without disrupting the intended bike return timeline.

Overall, we would say the experience was pretty Fahr-RAD.

What We Like About Bikepick

  1. The website is not in English (make sure to use a plugin/translator if needed!) but the team will gladly support you in English if needed.
  2. It’s a great service for bike newbies or busy schedules
  3. The team is super friendly, happy to discuss all details and delivery/drop off needs

What We Love About Bikepick

  1. The allowance option is a great idea for simplifying the process further
  2. The service is so speedy
  3. Our wallets LOVE Bikepick’s price range

Bikepick Munich: Must-Knows

Pick up days Monday-Friday 18:00 โ€“ 19:00 Uhr


Where to Find More Info About Bikepick

For a full list of Bikepick’s prices and services, be sure to visit their official website here

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