Bavaria’s Gastronomy Curfew Abolished: Restaurants & Beer Gardens May Now Open Late!

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Sick of watching the time whenever you’re dining out? Good news – the curfew on dining establishments throughout Bavaria has been abolished… and yes, that includes beer gardens!

As you might recall, restaurants and beer gardens were initially only allowed to open for specific hours as the industry gradually re-opened post-lockdown. And while an extension of the curfew to 11pm was planned to begin today, a new ruling from the Bavarian Administrative Court has actually abolished the curfew altogether.

That’s right – according to the court ruling last week, the curfew was “als nicht rechtskonform”. In other words, it was not legally sound. This was a decision that they deemed justifiable given that the re-opening of gastronomy in Bavaria last month did not lead to a significant spike in coronavirus infections.

Practically speaking, this means that gastronomy businesses may now operate within the same hours as they did prior to the pandemic, effective immediately.

It’s important to note however (as judges emphasized), this ruling does not affect businesses that are still closed due to coronavirus measures, such as clubs, bars, etc.

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