Bami House 1976 Review: Quirky, Vibrant Vietnamese Street Food in Munich

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We always rejoice when we find decent Asian food to snack on in Munich, and recently, Bami House 1976 has become one of our favourite hotspots. Read on for our full review of Bami House 1976!

Bami House 1976: A Quick Overview

Bami House 1976 is a Vietnamese street food restaurant with several locations across Munich. Serving up classic street eats like banh mi, pho and Vietnamese coffee, this relatively new chain has been dazzling Munich diners with their cutesy combination of colourful decor and flavourful Vietnamese dishes.

Their three Munich locations can be found at…

Türkenstr. 21

Leopoldstr. 44

Schellingstr. 20


The Food at Bami House 1976

We love eating here!

The menu is packed with classic Vietnamese street food dishes like pho (hot noodle soup), Bánh mì (Vietnamese subs), Xôi (sticky rice) and a variety of other noodle/rice dishes, plus a huge selection of specialty drinks.

From our experience sampling a few different noodle dishes (including pho and the gravity defying Auntie Ha’s Flying Noodles), the flavours here have always been on point, and the portions (while not crazy massive) are filling and satisfying. The drinks are especially noteworthy, the Vietnamese iced coffee here is eye-poppingly strong and sweet (as it should be!)

Prices at Bami House 1976

Overall, the prices at Bami House 1976 are very reasonable, with most main dishes costing less than 10 euros. Drinks are a little pricier, with specialty drinks (non-alcoholic) being 5 euros or less (though they’re DELICIOUS!). On our recent visit, they were even running promos where you’d get a free iced coffee if you checked in on social media.

Conclusion: you’ll easily have a great meal here for less than 20 euros a person.

Service at Bami House 1976

The service at Bami House 1976 is decent – they’re always quick and attentive but the food can be a little slow to come out if the restaurant is busy (which it usually is). It doesn’t matter though, the real star here is the food, so come for that!

Ambiance at Bami House 1976

The ambiance at Bami House 1976 is awesome. It makes for a very cute cozy place for date night, with colourful decor, pretty lamps dangling from the ceiling and blue wooden details.

NOTE: Seating consists of stools (both wooden and plastic, if you sit outside) so it’s not the most comfortable if you plan to sit for a long time.

Bami House 1976: The Final Verdict

This place is a delicious, budget-friendly option if you’re looking for Vietnamese street food in Munich. For us, it’s the perfect (all too elusive) combination of tasty food, reasonable prices and nice ambiance. We’d definitely recommend trying it out!

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