Angela Merkel Will Be Announcing Lockdown Updates at a Press Conference This Afternoon. Here’s Where to Watch It Live

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Following discussions earlier today between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Germany’s state leaders, a press conference will be held this afternoon to announce what will come next for Germany’s lockdown measures.

As of right now, lockdown measures related to COVID-19 are only in place until April 19. However, numerous sources have reported that the federal government is pushing for states to maintain these exit restrictions until May 3. For us in Bavaria, exact measures will not be known until tomorrow afternoon, when Bavarian Prime Minister Markus SΓΆder is set to give a press conference of his own.

The precise time of today’s press conference from Angela Merkel is not yet known, but numerous outlets report that it will start sometime between 4 to 4:30pm on Wednesday, April 15.

You can watch the live stream (in German) on YouTube here.

Alternatively, if that link doesn’t work, you can try live streams here and here.

NOTE: We will be translating all the most important updates when they are released as well. Stay tuned!

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