3 More Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in Bavaria

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As of late Tuesday evening, several outlets are reporting that 3 more cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in Bavaria.

According to a statement from the Bavarian Ministry of Health, the 3 new patients (who are said to all work for Webasto, the same company as the patient from the 1st confirmed caseย of Monday evening) have been admitted to the Mรผnchner Klinikum Schwabing, where they will be monitored and treated in isolation.

How did this Infection Spread?

According toย Muenchen.de, the first patient (diagnosed on Monday evening) is a 33 year old man from the Landsberg district, employed by the auto parts supplier Webasto in Starnberg (about 30 km away from Munich).

The man was infected following a professional work meeting with a Chinese colleague from Shanghai who had recently spent time with her parents from the Wuhan area (where coronavirus is said to have originated). She was in Bavaria from January 19 โ€“ 23, 2020 as part of a professional work training, and it was only after returning to China on the 23rd that she began to experience coronavirus symptoms. She tested positive for coronavirus shortly after visiting a hospital back in China.

According toย DW, after a weekend experiencing bronchitis-like symptoms, the man returned to work on Monday, but went to get tested after Webasto insisted any symptoms be reported to a doctor. He tested positive for coronavirus on Monday evening.

The approximate 40 individuals who had close contact with both patients have been notified and are now being examined. These three new confirmed cases from Tuesday evening appear to all be employees of the same company.

For more information (in German), here is the full press conference from Monday evening about the first confirmed case.

Where to Go for Concerns and Questions

Further information is available on theย official website of the LGL, and a phone hotline has also been set up at 09131 / 6808-5101.

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