11 Year Old Girl Raped Near Fasangarten S-Bahn Station; Police seeking witnesses

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Munich Police are appealing to the public for help with a disturbing sexual assault which occurred yesterday (Tuesday, June 25) at around 4:30pm near Fasangarten S-Bahn Station in Obergiesing.

At a press conference held on Wednesday afternoon, Munich police confirmed that an 11 year old girl was attacked and raped walking from Fasangarten S-Bahn Station by a man wearing a wolf mask and latex gloves. Despite involvement of the police almost right away, the perpetrator is still at large.

Police are asking for any witnesses to come forward and contact them immediately at 089 / 2910-0.

In addition to wearing a wolf mask and latex gloves, the perpetrator is described as having…

  • A height of around 1.85 metres
  • Brown hair
  • Spoken German without an accent
  • Likely middle-aged
  • Half-length over-the-knee trousers
  • Dark Sneakers
  • Grey T-Shirt

You can watch the full press conference here:

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