10+ Free Trials & Freebies Everyone in Munich Should Take Advantage Of

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Beautiful bored people of Munich, as we’re sure you’re well aware – our beloved München is one pretty pricey city to live in. Luckily, between the sky high rent and €15 cocktails, there are plenty of wonderful freebies to take advantage of, from kostenlos furniture and fitness classes to free trials of everything you’ll possibly need.

SO, to help you stretch your euros further, we’ve put together a list of wonderful free trials and freebies to take advantage of in Munich. Do you know of any others that we should add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

1. Free Furniture, Household Items, Etc. on eBay Kleinanziegen

If you’re brand new to Munich and need to furnish your apartment (or maybe just needing to refresh the decor of your place), one great place to snap up some freebies is eBay Kleinanziegen, one of the city’s most popular marketplaces for used goods. While you’ll be able to find a lot of cheap furniture/goods for sale here, one great place to lurk is the “Zu Verschenken” section, which of course refers to stuff that is being given away for free!

The catch? You usually need to pick things up yourself (which typically requires a larger vehicle) and you also have to act quickly because the good stuff goes fast. Nonetheless, you should definitely click here to see what’s being given away for free daily.

2. Free Revolut Card

If you travel often, we highly recommend getting a free Revolut card. This special card (which you can get as either a Maestro or Mastercard) allows you to spend your money in 150+ global currencies at the interbank exchange rate, which means a LOT of money saved if you happen to be travelling a lot and using different currencies. You can also use your account to easily transfer money (without fees) to friends/family abroad.

Best of all, everything controlled through an easy to use app and the process of opening an account takes only a few minutes. All you need to pay is a small shipping fee to receive your free card! Click here to learn more.

3. Free Bank Account w/ N26

Dealing with German bureaucracy is never easy, and opening a bank account can be a huge roadblock early on for new expats. WELL, fret not – one great online bank you can use is N26, which allows you to set up a free European bank account in only a few minutes…. all in English if you want! We opened ours up easily in less than an hour, including the awkward Skype call you make to confirm your identity (just a heads up!)

Click here to learn more.

4. Amazon Prime Trial for 30 Days

Especially if you’ve just moved to Munich, Amazon Prime can be a handy tool to quickly order and receive a lot of new home necessities like pots, pans, curtains, bedsheets, etc. Signing up for a free trial membership allows you to shop from the comfort of your own home and have everything delivered straight to your door for FREE, along with a lot of other perks like eBooks, Amazon video films/series, millions of songs with Prime Music, unlimited photo storage, and more.

Click here to claim your free 30 Day Amazon Prime Trial

5. Amazon Prime Student Trial for 1 Year

If you’re a student – even better! Students are eligible for an extended Amazon Prime student trial, which lasts an entire year. Once that year runs out, you are also eligible to receive the student rate on Amazon Prime (50% off).

Click here to claim your free 1 Year Amazon Prime Student Trial

6. Amazon Fresh Trial

Getting groceries delivered straight to your door is a treat, all the better when it’s free! Using this link, you can access a 30 day free trial of Amazon Fresh, which allows you to shop for groceries via Amazon and have it delivered even in the same day. This would be amazing to stock up on heavy pantry items like canned goods, pasta, and rice. We used ours for this purpose and it was amazing to be stocked up for weeks!

Click here to claim your free 30 day Amazon Fresh trial

7. €15 Credit for ShareNow ( + Discounted Registration)

Public transportation in Munich may be great, but having access to a car is always an excellent perk. If you don’t have a car of your own, ShareNow (formerly known as DriveNow/car2go) is a great option that allows you to quickly ‘rent’ a car through an app! Signing up usually costs €29, but we have a special deal you can redeem here that gets you registration for only €9.98, PLUS a free €15 credit which effectively makes your registration free.

Click here to redeem your €15 for ShareNow

10+ Free Trials & Freebies Everyone in Munich Should Take Advantage Of

8. €37 Off Your 1st airbnb Booking

If you’ve never used airbnb in your travels, you can click here for a free 37 euros off your first booking! We love using airbnb when we travel, especially in larger groups or for longer stays. They’re usually leaps and bounds cheaper than hotels and having a kitchen/space to hang out is always a plus.

Click here to claim your free 37 euro airbnb credit

9. 2 Week ClassPass Membership

If you want to get your fitness on this year, you can actually sample a bunch of awesome fitness classes in Munich for free through a ClassPass free trial! This trial gives you access to up to 9 classes within 2 weeks, which is plenty for you to kick your butt into gear and see what you like.

Click here to claim your free 2 week ClassPass membership

10. 1 Month Free Trial of Spotify Premium

Spotify has always been our music streaming service of choice, but wow, Spotify Premium is on a whole other level. No ads? Freedom to play whatever song you want whenever? Downloadable playlists for offline use? We love it… and if you want to try it out, you can easily do so thanks to their free trial program. Sometimes they even do special deals for 3 month trials, so be on the lookout for deals.

Click here to claim your free Spotify Premium trial

11. 1 Free Audiobook w/ Audible (+ Unlimited Podcasts)

Audible is the world’s largest audiobook provider, and while their free trial isn’t the most generous, signing up does give you a 30 day trial which includes 1 free audiobook and unlimited Audible podcasts.

Click here to claim your free 30 day trial to Audible

12. 30 Day Free Kindle Unlimited Trial

Imagine gaining instant access to over a million eBooks! That’s what the Kindle Unlimited free trial gets you, and best of all (as it says in the name), this trial offers unlimited downloads.

Click here to claim your free 30 day trial to Kindle Unlimited

(ALMOST FREE) BONUS: €1 Museums on Sundays

Lastly, it may not be free, but it comes close. Many of Munich’s top museums offer a discounted 1 euro admission on Sundays. Click here for a full list!

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