The 13 Most Instagrammable Places in Munich

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FACT: Munich is one of the most beautiful cities on Planet Earth. 

It therefore makes sense that Munich is, of course, swimming in glorious photo opportunities and picture-perfect scenes simply made for the gram.

And whether your goal is to fish for likes to simply collect some stunning photos for your own memories, we’re here to help. Here’s a list of some of the most Instagrammable places in Munich, from classic views and monuments to cool cafes and hidden spots even some locals don’t even know about.

1. Siegestor

Address: Siegestor (near the Universität U-Bahn Station and LMU)


2. Juristische Bibliothek (The Law Library)

Address: Marienplatz 8 (Inside the Rathaus)

NOTE: It’s only possible to visit for photography purposes with a guided tour of the Town Hall (which you book in advance) BUT since it’s a public library, anybody can go in to read, study, etc. Standard Munich library rules apply (e.g. no bags, leave your stuff in the lockers, etc.) But like, don’t be a prick and come here just for the gram. People do actually come here to work, so if you do take photos, make sure it’s quiet and respectful.

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3. Hotel Opera

Address: St.-Anna-Straße 10

4. The View from St Peter’s Church Tower

Address: Rindermarkt 1

Cost: 3 euros to climb the 299 steps up, 2 euros for students

5. Umschreibung AKA the Stairway to Nowhere

Address: Ganghoferstraße 29

NOTE: The installation is located in the KPMG office courtyard but anyone can go for free and take photos!

6. Hofgarten

Address: Hofgartenstraße 1

7. The Residenz

Address: Residenzstraße 1

Cost: 7 euros regular price for the Residenz Museum, 6 euros for reduced (e.g. students)

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8. View from the New Rathaus

Address: Marienplatz 8

Cost: 3 euros for adults, 1 euro for students

Note: to access this viewpoint, you need to take an elevator up. To make your life easier, you can get tickets at the tourist info office just at Marienplatz.

9. Marienplatz

Address: Marienplatz 1

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10. Justizpalast

Address: Elisenstr. 1a

NOTE: It’s totally free to go inside but you need to go through a security check (similar to the airport, where you check your bags and go through a metal detector).

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11. St Quirin Platz U-Bahn

Address: Just put it in Google Maps haha

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12. Lost Weekend at the 25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian

Address: Bahnhofpl. 1

NOTE: This is the new Lost Weekend right across from Hauptbahnhof located inside the 25hours Hotel, not the location near LMU.

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13. Monopteros

Address: Inside the English Garden

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