20 German Language Memes That are Instantly Relatable

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If (like us) you’ve been attempting to learn German for a while, the wonders of Deutsch have probably allowed you to experience a vast spectrum of human emotion, ranging from rage and frustration to the unbridled joy when feel you finally nail “doch”.

Well, to capture this unhinged emotional rollercoaster, we’ve assembled a roundup of the funniest and most relatable memes about learning German.

Let us know in the comments which of these German memes are your favourite!

1. This forever accurate meme of me speaking German vs. Germans speaking English

Why is that most people in Munich speaks flawless English? Well, except where it counts like at the KVR but we’re not going to get into that here.


2. This wonderful meme format that showcases the aggressive beauty of the German language

There’s a million memes like this but all we’re saying is “petal” sounds just a little bit more aggressive in German.


3. This relatable meme for when you’re dealing with der, die, das & company

Maybe we’ll just roll a dice – it’s fine.


4. This meme that perfectly showcases the lengthiness of German words

I wonder how many Scrabble points you would get for Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän?


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5. This meme that perfectly captures the essence of the German language

That is actually… weirdly accurate.


6. This meme showcasing the versatility of the almighty “bitte”

Bitte? Bitte. Bitte!!! If you haven’t witnessed an entire conversation carried out in “Bitte”s, my friend, then you have not yet lived.


7. This contrasting chart of how to say “you”

Let’s just say some things are just a bit simpler in English.


8. This perfectly illustrated depiction of Der, Die & Das

Remember when you thought learning German would be a light hobby and not a constant source of stress and anxiety? Good times.

9. This attempt at learning how to say “Togetherness” in German

… Somebody just hold me. * sob *


10. This derpy penguin that just about sums us up

Can we start an official permission to just make everything “dat”? Dat Auto! Dat Mann! Dat Frau!


11. This meme that summarizes the endless dialects we’ll never completely understand

On that note, how is everyone doing with Bayrisch?


12. This post that showcases the wonders of German compound words

Flystuff! Handshoes! Drivingchair! This German meme definitely captures one of the most wonderful parts of the German language, no?


13. This unfair reality

We really are learning to love the sound of German though! We swear!


14. This wonderful reminder of what German squirrels really are

Really, I would love to have been there when they came up with this one.


15. This honest German language truth-bomb

Ha. haaaaaa. Now excuse me while I laugh until I cry.


16. This comic reminding us of how long it takes for us to tell time

Okay wait so you’re telling me it’s different in the North and South? * sweats *


17. This summary of the 50 shades of kommen

The fact that we split these parts up when we make sentences DOES NOT HELP.


18. This ode to the almighty “doch”

Honestly, I still doch not really get how to use doch. I just liberally mention and use it so it seems like I’m in the know.


19. This epiphany about German sentence structure

Germans are…… uninterruptable.


20. Lastly, this meme that wishes you the best of luck with German

Ha. ha. haaaa.


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