5 Awesome English Podcasts Every Expat in Germany Should Listen To

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Looking for English language podcasts about life in Germany?

You’re in luck! Germany’s English podcast scene covers a diverse range of topics, from what it’s like moving to Germany and finding an English-speaking job to how dating in Germany works, and many other great topics around integration, culture, and the expat experience… quiet Sundays, sparkling water, and all!

Well, to celebrate the wonderful English podcast scene from our international community here in Deutschland, we’ve put together a list of our 5 favorite English podcasts in Germany you can listen to right now.

So go ahead, take a pick, sit back and enjoy!

5. Zacks and the City 

Zac and Zack may be some of Germany’s newer expats, but they’ve certainly made their mark on social media since moving here!

These two popular expat content creators have come together in the podcasting world to share a bit more about their lives and experiences as Americans living abroad, covering funny stories, culture shocks, and all the fun stuff that comes with adapting to life in Germany.

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4. The Dating Abroadcast

Retired expat Youtuber Aspen & OG expat podcaster Nicole have united to bring to the table the untouched topic of dating in Germany… and oh what a topic it is!

Covering all topics in their dating timelines, adding in often cringe-worthy date stories, and bringing on the occasional guest to share their experience, every week the two get together to serve some tea on life, Liebe, & the pursuit of dating in Deutschland.

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3. The Germany Experience 

Shaun is a South African expat who has had many years of experience living abroad in Germany. He started his podcast to share stories, highlighting the good parts and offering a connection for those who feel left out in their attempts to integrate into the local culture.

Shaun’s episodes are always the perfect bite-size duration, filled with optimism and a variety of guests who always brings their unique stories to the mix. 

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2. Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey 

Alex and Geoff are two American men abroad who have found their home in Berlin. They share their stories and advice from living abroad as well as tips on local Whiskey, which they open every episode with.

They offer fun insights, in a casual way, leaving the listener to feel like they are just a fly on the wall while two buddies catch up…aka the recipe we believe to equate to the best type of podcast experience.

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1. The Expatcast

One of the oldest, and dare we say, most universal expat podcasters in Germany is Nicole of the Expatcast.

Nicole tackles a well-balanced variety of topics via interviews from many different expat perspectives. She always delivers each episode with a positive neutral air, with the intention of delivering information to an extended audience free from any bias. If you are interested in everything expat or a fan of McInerny ( who we feel best describes Nicole’s style) then The Expatcast would be a great choice for you.

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What’s your favorite English podcast in Germany to list to?

Leave a comment below so we can add more to our list!

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