7 of The Best Places To See Drag Shows in Munich

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From huge clubs to intimate cafes, there’s a drag show to suit every taste. Here are seven of the best places to see drag shows in Munich.

Munich, on the outside, may not seem like the most inclusive city in Europe, however, underneath it’s conservative exterior, its drag scene is thriving. Whether you want a small unique venue, a big themed party or even a classic drag brunch, we have all of those in more for you below!

7 of The Best Places To See Drag Shows in Munich
Photo from The Werkroom

Super Garry Klein

Every Wednesday night the Harry Klein club in Munich transitions into Super Garry Klein, where you can come to feel the bass, dive into great visuals and enjoy a midnight performance from one of the best local drag queens or kings.

Let us be queer, open minded, visible, peaceful and keep the gender equality is the motto Garry Klein goes by, and we can confirm from multiple visits, no matter who you are or who you are with, the crowd there is always ready to share the fun.

We’d mainly recommend this location for fans of techno, although they have several dance spaces, the music focuses on their target genre. However, they do host an annual Queen of the Night Drag competition that is one of our favourite yearly events to check out.

When: Every Wednesday starting at 10 P.M

Where: Harry Klein

Pink Paradise at Senatore

7 of The Best Places To See Drag Shows in Munich
Photo from Senatore

Senatore bar we could recommend for many reasons, but one special day of the week we drag fans really enjoy is it’s Pink Paradise Wednesdays.

Every Wednesday beginning at 8 in the evening, Senatore bar gives over it’s dance floor to the talents of DJ James and a host of local Munich drag stars for their fabulous queer party series.

The location is central and cozy, with one of the most colourful dance floors in the city and some fantastic pizza specials. So whether you aim to dance the night away or just come over for a slice and a show, we’d highly encourage you join in on the Wednesday action!

When: Every Wednesday starting at 8 P.M

Where: Senatore

Lovers Lip Sync Events

7 of The Best Places To See Drag Shows in Munich
Photo from Lovers

Previous notoriously known for their pre covid years icon Ballroom events, the artist collective and event organizers from Lovers Munich have launched a new post covid series that’s become even more iconic.

Lovers Munich has begun partnering with The Lost Weekend Cafe to host a series of the most amazing lip sync competitions to date. Every month they deliver between 2-3 evenings of astonishing drag acts, perfect party beats and the fiercely themed lip sync competition.

If you are looking to not only see drag but share your best shot at it or show up to lip sync for your life, we’d recommend that with some 10s,10s,10s across the board!

When: November 19,2022 & December 17th, 2022 // See more details here!

Where: The Lost Weekend

The Werkroom Events

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One of Munich’s biggest Queer event series (and one of our favourites!) The Werkroom is a Munich event organizer like no other! From Halloween to Pride to Eurovision, they always create the most fantastic parties with even more fantastic drag performance line ups.

If you have one of their events in mind, plan on experience a long colourful evening of all of Munich’s best talent under one roof, and that includes both drag queens AND drag kings! Performances are always broken up by great DJ sets, drinks and often include one of their legendary lip sync competitions.

When: Dates very, check out their website for upcoming events!

Where: Villa Flora

Wigz Events

7 of The Best Places To See Drag Shows in Munich
Photo from Wigz Events

Looking to party in a queer-friendly and safe environment? WIGZ next event at Milla Club will be one you won’t soon forget! With drag queens, singing, dancing, and other surprises, it’s sure to be a night you won’t want to miss.

Two Munich drag pioneers Janisha Jones and Pasta Parisa have joined forces and introduced an exclusive series of parties called WIGZ. And if you have not already been, from experience we can confirm these events are a must!

Unfortunately they are not set on a regular schedule or timeline, so be sure to grab some tickets if you see one coming up. The events usually include a variety of special acts (even including some international drag talent visits) followed by a club night event so that after the queens finish their dances you can begin yours. So get your tickets now and come prepared to have a blast!

When: January 23,2023 // You can find tickets here

Where: Milla Club

Mimosas & Drag Brunch

One of Munich’s biggest hidden drag gems would definitely have to be Cafe Regenbogen’s monthly Drag and Mimosas brunch.

Not only is it hosted by three of Munich’s favourite drag queens, but includes a welcome drink, an all you can eat brunch and the most massive mimosas we have come to find in this city…Speaking from experience we can confidently say it’s a enjoy drag or get dragged scenario with that boozy brunch.

If you’re a fan of drag, you won’t want to miss this little event at the cafe. Unfortunately, tickets usually sell out very quickly because the venue is small and the event is so much fun! So if you’re interested, we recommend you grab your tickets sooner rather than later.

When: Cafe Regenbogen

Where: Once a months (dates very so make sure to keep up with their Instagram for updates!)

Drag Voyage

7 of The Best Places To See Drag Shows in Munich
Photo from Drag Voyage

If you are looking for not only the cities best drag queens but also drag kings, then Drag Voyage is the top choice for you!

With one of the most diverse casts of queens, Drag Voyage will kick off a lower Bavarian tour in January with their finale landing in Munich on January 7th. They will have performances not only from local stars like Ruby Tuesday and Barbie Q but as include a gang of international guest talents such as Austria’s Pandora Nox and Betty pearl.

Where: Theater Drehleier

When: January 7, 2023

Any other Munich Drag Shows or Events we should add to the list?

Let us know in the comments! And be sure to check out our Instagram & TikTok for more great locations in Munich!

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