The Best Cherry Blossom Spots in Munich (Blooming Right Now!)

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After a dreary few weeks of grey and drizzle, Spring has finally sprung in Munich, with cherry blossoms popping up all around the city… seemingly overnight!

And while the most famous place to see cherry blossoms in Germany is Bonn, we’re fairly proud of the gorgeous cherry blossoms we have right here in Munich.

So where should you go in Munich to see cherry blossoms right now? Here are some excellent picks!


Hands down, the prettiest place to see cherry blossoms in Munich right now is the Olympiapark, where you’ll find plenty of bright pink trees in full bloom scattered around the park. 

TIP: Make sure to bring a picnic so you can settle in and enjoy the view!

Georgenstr 10 in Schwabing

This epic villa in Schwabing is one of Munich’s prettiest art nouveau mansions, and makes a glorious backdrop to the pale pink blossom-cloud currently in full bloom in front of it. 

If you wander down this street and neighbourhood, there are plenty of other pretty blooms to check out too:


While Westpark doesn’t have a huge abundance of cherry blossom trees, the ones they do have are stunning!

Head over to the Thai Sala in Westpark (near the Nepalese Pagoda, Japanese Garden, and Chinese Garden) to see these beauties in bloom.


There are plenty of wonderful cherry blossom photo opportunities scattered around Haidhausen. Here are a few places we noticed blossoms on our walk:

  • The green area next to St Johann Baptist
  • Along Maria-Theresia Straße (with some magnolias and other flowers too)

TIP: Consider doing our self-guided Haidhausen walking tour while looking around for cherry blossoms!


While on a walk, we noticed the Au also had some random cherry blossom trees here and there that were quite small, but pretty.

Here are where we spotted some:

  • Near Mariahilfplatz (from Gebsattelbrücke)
  • 7 Drachslstrasse
  • Belflair (also a lovely flower shop!)

Japanese Garden in the English Garden

Okay, we admit this is one tiny tiny cherry blossom tree but the atmosphere is pretty scenic. If you head to the Japanese Garden within the English Garden, you should see a small cherry blossom tree near the teahouse!

Agnesstr and Adelheidstr in Schwabing-West

Lastly, we can’t confirm that these trees are in full bloom right now, but a few years ago we happened to be in Schwabing-West around this time of year and saw lots of beautiful small trees around Agnesstr and Adelheidstr. 

Let us know in the comments if you can confirm they’re blooming!

Did we miss any of your favourite cherry blossom spots in Munich?

Let us know in the comments!

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