8 Droolworthy Places for Avocado Toast in Munich


Ah, avocado toast: whether you love it, hate it, or guiltily adore it (while acknowledging how overpriced and unnecessary it is), you can’t run from the truth… Avo toast is THE millennial power food of the decade, and it’s fun to have every once in a while 😉

Well guess what? Munich has plenty of delicious options for avocado toast, with more popping up each day.

So we’ll help you out with a list. Here are some of the best places in Munich to eat avocado toast! And yeah, because the ingredients are pretty self-explanatory (hello avocado, meet toast), we’ll let the photos here do all the talking.

1. Mary’s Coffee Club

Address: Türkenstrasse 86A

2. nudo

Address: Amalienstraße 53

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3. Cafe Franca

Address: Hiltenspergerstraße 24

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4. Heinrich Matters

Address: Luisenstrasse 47

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5. Hungriges Herz

Address: Fraunhoferstraße 42

6. tagescafé Schwabing

Address: Hohenzollernstrasse 41

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7. Hoover & Floyd

Address: Ickstattstrasse 2

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8. Pirlo

Address: Edlinger Platz 4

Did we miss any of your favourite places for avocado toast in Munich? Let us know in the comments!